Guest Appearance: Leah on You’re Not Listening

This week, Leah was the guest on You’re Not Listening! There, she got to talk about the song that is literally tattooed on her arm: Could Have Been Me by The Struts. Watch the video below, and then listen to the episode!

Episode Description

Today, YNL Brings on Leah Jones from the She Will Rock You Podcast to discuss Could Have Been Me by The Struts, and Musicology by Prince.  If you think you don’t like these songs, then You’re Not Listening.  So #CleanOutYourEars and #ListenUp!

About You’re Not Listening

You’re Not Listening is an interactive podcast that teaches you how to actively listen to music, one song at a time! Hosts Shaun and Jim O’Loughlin each bring a song to every episode, and talk about what makes it great through personal stories, detailed analysis, and just fun, casual conversation!

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