Episode 38: Don’t Wanna Be an American Idiot (Green Day)


Green Day: the quintessential band of our generation’s youth. The band that brought us Dookie and American Idiot, and who shaped a whole generation’s love of punk music. 

Show Notes and Images

In this episode, Bethanne presents Green Day, the band that birthed the Warped Tour era of music when they blessed us American Idiot. However, could there be a secret side of them? Learn about the lost album Cigarettes and Valentines and the strange connection they may have to the band The Network. Also, we talk about how cool (?) Tré Cool’s name may or may not be.

See below for the videos referenced during this episode.

5-year-old Billie Joe singing his first song “Look for Love”
“What the fuck is up Denny’s?”


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