Episode 39: Is This the Real Life? (Queen)

It’s finally here, our most requested episode topic ever: Queen. Listen as we cram the entire career of Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor into roughly 90 minutes of non-stop talking. 

Show Notes and Images

This week, Leah decided to tackle our most requested episode: Queen. Following their beginnings as Smile, to the stadium-filling superstar show that they became, we walk through their entire history in roughly 90 minutes, making this our longest episodes yet. So long that Leah lost her voice after recording.

Queen are a British rock band formed in London in 1970. Their classic line-up was Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon. Since the death of Freddie Mercury, several other artists have filled the lead singer spot, most recently and notably Adam Lambert.

See the videos referenced in this episode below:


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