Muses Will Rock You Vol. 3: Grunge Edition

We’re back with another episode with Chanty and Lynx! This time, we’re talking all about girl grunge groups. Chanty starts off by teaching us about Babes in Toyland, Lynx tells the story of The Gits, Bethanne continues the timeline with 7 Year Bitch and Leah closes it out with Veruca Salt. 

Babes in Toyland

Made of guitarist Kat Bjelland, bassist Maureen Herman and drummer Lori Barbero, this band celebrates female power in an explosive way.

The Gits

Members included singer Mia Zapata, guitarist Joe Spleen, bassist Matt Dresdner and drummer Steve Moriarty. Unfortunately, their story came to an end all too soon.

7 Year Bitch

7 Year Bitch continued the story started by The Gits, but were a notable band in their own standing. They were one of the first The Riot Grrrl bands, born out of the trauma they watched fellow band members endure.

Veruca Salt

Drawing from their folk roots, this band founded by Nina Gordon and Louise Post had a quick rise to fame, but a turbulent fallout.

About Muses

This podcast honours the stories of rock ‘n roll’s legendary muses, musicians, rock wives and groupies. With over 125 episodes, Chanty and Lynx interview the grooviest women in rock and roll. They also take turns presenting autobiographies and biographies they’ve read about the most fascinating women in music.


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