Guest Appearance: Indie Podcaster

Episode Description

Join Podcast Father on his journey as the Indie Podcaster. Episode #4 Creator Spotlight: Bethanne and Leah from She Will Rock You Podcast. Bethanne and Leah created and co-host their podcast– they discuss rock music history. Jeff (Podcast Father) and She Will Rock You Podcast discuss various things; why they started the podcast, how important music is to them, and the critical role women/minorities play in the history of rock music.. Thank you for listening and supporting independent creators!

About Podcast Father:

  • Originally started an Internet Radio show 20 years ago while in college
  • Spent several years in radio – DJ & Marketing
  • Last decade working in Business Marketing
  • Huge supporter of all things Independent Artists
  • Always willing to help: request a review, or interview on my pod (see below)
  • Featured at Goodpods, come check it out!
  • Creator of the Indie Podcaster

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