Guest Appearance: Leah on Mimosa Sisterhood

Episode Description

Leah, co-host of She Will Rock You, joins me on the mic for an extra special rock history episode! Melissa kicks off the show by introducing Elizabeth “Libba” Cotten, a self-taught blues and folk music legend during the 60s. Leah tells the story of Debbie Harry, the lead singer of the 70s new wave punk rock band, Blondie.

About Mimosa Sisterhood

Welcome to Mimosa Sisterhood – a women’s history and lifestyle podcast that celebrates women’s voices and stories, past and present. Join Melissa each week as she pops bottles and shares stories of the diverse female experience; the good, the bad, the ugly, and the bubbly. We dive deep into topics like world history, feminism, mental health, society and culture, spirituality, entrepreneurship, creativity, personal development, and the power of Sisterhood. This is a place for individuals to connect, relate, laugh, heal, and find support from those that lived before us, as well as those living alongside us today. As of 2020, we’ve shared the life stories of over 100 women from history and launched a new interview-style segment featuring the ‘Everyday Woman’ with an inspirational life story. Mimosa Sisterhood is so much more than a fun and educational podcast, it’s a friendly reminder that you are not alone. Women’s voices and stories should be celebrated, so grab a glass of bubbly and join the party!
Tune in every Thursday for a good ol’ fashion feminist drunk history lesson!

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