Meet the CEO: Birdee Bow of Bsquared MGMT

We are all about highlighting women in all aspects of the music industry, so we are bringing you an interview with the wonderful Birdee Bow, CEO and Owner of Bsquared MGMT! Birdee’s experience in the industry has given her valuable insight into how to help artists avoid common mistakes, and she has built a business that genuinely cares about artists and their success. 

About Bsquared MGMT

Kick Starting your talented heart by defining your personal musical aspirations and devising a plan for success.

Get our step by step system for finding your audience, building a fan base and recording your own music.

Do you wish you had…
Guidance and a clear path to begin your musical journey?
Clarity on exactly what it takes to build a band and how to get a following?
The inside stuff on how to find a producer & convince great players to be part of your vision?
A plan for building a fan base and your own tour?
The confidence that you have exactly what it takes to make your musical journey a reality?

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