Meet the Artist: Athxna

We sat down with our new Blues Bestie, Athxna, and talked about her upcoming music (which you won’t want to miss!), diversifying the industry, the music scene in Nashville, octopi and more! Also, sorry for all the dog noises (but not really).

About Athxna

Nashville singer, songwriter, and recording artist, Athxna, has a unique voice like you’ve never heard before. With her bold vocals and insane range Athxna has a perfect mix of blues and pop that you can cry and dance to.

Athxna started her musical journey at the age of five when her Yiayia gave her her piano. Though she loved learning classics like Mozart and Bach, she fell in love with the Blues. Singers like Ella Fitzgerald, Muddy Waters, Adele, Bessie Smith, and Amy Winehouse have influenced Athxna’s style and aesthetic.

After living in New Orleans for six years Athxna packed up her bags and made her way to Nashville to break into the music industry and have her voice heard. Whenever Athxna sings the whole room listens, it’s hard not to.

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