Meet the Artist: Mia Morris

At just 17, Mia Morris is a talented multi-instrumentalist, has over 40 songs released, countless YouTube videos AND write and produces all her own music. She’s already way cooler than we will ever be. Listen as we talk to her about her inspiration, the future she wants to see in the music industry and more!

About Mia

Mia Morris is a rock singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. By age 12, she had a series of viral drum videos on her YouTube channel and amassed over five million views between them. She started writing and recording her own music, releasing over 40 songs, almost all mixed and produced by herself, and has co-written over 100 songs with many notable songwriters, such as Marti Dodson, members of 3 Doors Down, and The All American Rejects. 

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