Guest Appearance: Bethanne on Verse Chorus Verse

Episode Description

Bethanne!!! from She Will Rock You special guests to teach Rachel and DL about the Christian until they weren’t band that is Underoath. A fascinating dive!

About Verse Chorus Verse

Verse Chorus Verse follows Svend Knutsen and David Leisten, a pair of friends and musical collaborators sharing their opinions on anything music. New album reviews, classic album reviews, band dissections, years in music, guests that share their passions, interviews with career musicians and anything else they feel like at the time.

With very different backgrounds in music, Svend Knutsen and David Leisten may seem like a pair that wouldn’t work well together. The son of a piano teacher, Svend was consistently given new instruments to study and genres to appreciate, giving him a wealth of knowledge. Beyond the one or two years of violin or piano, David was mostly self-educated. Together through different levels of music education and bands, they built their reputations as respected appreciators of music from all eras. 

Have a drink with Svend and David, and join them while they chat about your favorite bands and albums.

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