Guest Appearance: Moral Combat (Music Icons)

We had the time of our lives with the crew over at Moral Combat debating our favorite question: who is the bigger music icon? We entered Dolly Parton into the fight and had to debate on the following:

  • Dolly Parton vs Michael Jackson
  • Sam Cooke vs Beyonce
  • Johannes Brahms vs Dave Grohl
  • Elton John vs Weird Al

Who did we choose? What outrageous arguments did we make? Listen to the episode to find out.

About Moral Combat

They take topics from almost every facet of pop culture including: Movies, Television, Food, Video Games, etc. and turn them into a tournament with a field of combatants and match-ups. Every week they argue each match-up and turn it over to our listeners to vote who they think should move on until we crown a champion!

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