Episode 60: Ironic (Alanis Morissette)

We’re kicking off back to back 90s themed episodes with our favorite Canadian: Alanis Morrisette! You may know her from her iconic album Jagged Little Pill, but we’re taking a deeper dive into her entire career.

Episode Transcription

All right. And welcome to another episode of us reviewing new foods, because yes, this is not sponsored. Although KFC, if you’d like to sponsor us, our DMS are open. Um, but we just tried the beyond nuggets from KFC and mind blown, like truly, cause you’ve had. I’m sure you’ve had plant-based chicken before.

Yeah. This was vegetables. Yeah, exactly. This is a whole other step. And like, you would like bite into it and you’d look at the chip. You look at it and you’re like, this looks like chicken and it tastes like chicken, like square chicken nuggets. The only thing that gives it away is that they’re all just square.

Yeah, amazing. And the shout out to KFC for the chicken dip and sauce. That was, that was a good sauce to go with it. It was it’s, it’s pretty much Chick-fil-A sauce, but don’t tell Chick-Filet that. Yes, it’s just a tiny bit, maybe a little bit more pepper. In it, but you’re not here to hear us talk about nugget reviews.

You’re here to listen to the show. So wait, can we have another review section or show that I don’t want to eat nuggets every time we do? That’s probably a good point. It’s true. Um, I’m Leah and I’m Bethann. And this is your Accu

I don’t think we have any. Main business to talk about, but it’s been a while since I’ve begged you all for review. Um, so if you’re listening to this on apple podcasts or Spotify, or you have apple podcasts or Spotify, and that’s not where you listen. Uh, leave us a review. If you leave it on apple, a comment really helps.

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Our hello. Weird. They are. And I don’t understand them. It’s like people keep putting remixes and like unreleased songs on Spotify as a podcast. Yeah. Get around copyright laws. Like someone keeps putting all of Taylor. Swift’s. Demos on as a podcast. And I’m like, you can’t do that. You can’t just flutter songs up, but that’s how they get around it.

And I am putting out another offer. The offer is if you leave a review and you take a screenshot of it and you tag me on Twitter, not an Instagram, this time, Twitter specific, this is a Twitter exclusive deal. If you do that, I will give you a GIF and a compliment based off of your profile picture. So one time offer for this month.

Good for the month of February Twitter exclusive. So I feel like. The site violently shook me to cover this artists reached out to me, even

it went to Lee and said, Hey, make sure Bethann, isn’t a dumb piece of shit. And doesn’t do what I say this month, which is odd because originally I was going to cover. And I didn’t choose him. And then he died. So table the combo of wondering if I killed him? Uh, no, I think COVID killed him, but, but I mean, you know, it’s, it’s an odd thing.

I’m just weird. But anyway, I w it started off with, I woke up with an Atlanta song in my head, and then I went to the gym and I heard that same song. And it was just very random. Like there was just, I wasn’t listening to it. It just, all of a sudden popped up, you know, my brain automatically goes, you know, oh, something’s up.

So I text you and I’m like, I think the site is spoken. And then you randomly had a song in your head that alumnus ironic or ironic or whatever. It’s called stuck in my head for like an entire day. I didn’t even listen to that song. It just, I got in my car to go run an errand for work. And then. Like Ray, Hey, on your wedding day.

Yeah. I had a hand in my pocket and that’s the same one that’s been playing on. Repeat at the gym. All of a sudden I liked that song. That’s in the mix this month. And then to really drive the point home. The first thing I see a couple of days later while on Instagram is an Allana’s shirt that went up for sale at a clothing store.

I followed it. Wasn’t. You know, as sponsored posts, this was the actual like feed post for that day. First thing I see on Instagram. So it was definitely a hostile takeover. I’m not sure why yet. I’m sure it’ll make sense as it often does. I am glad to talk about her. Cause I enjoy her nineties episodes.

Like I feel like, I don’t know it was because we were alive then. So you can enjoy the nostalgia a little bit more. Got some memory. Yeah, absolutely. But they’re just always the funnest episode. It’s nineties month over here at yes, for some reason, um, like trigger warning. And then by light, I mean, I don’t have multiples.

Just one, just one. Um, there’s a little bit of like ed talk, but not that much, by the way. Let’s dig in to Alanis Morissette, Alanis, Morissette full name, uh, was born in Ottawa, Ontario on June 1st, 1974. She has a twin brother named Wade who is also a musician and a yoga. And. I, first of all, I always forget she’s Canadian.

Yeah. Second of all, I had no idea she was a twin. Yeah. Yeah. Um, both her parents were teachers in the military. So like when she was super young, like up to the age of six, um, I think she was in Germany for one point where I think all military people go eventually. Um, but her music endeavor started at age six when she started playing piano and singing.

Um, she also does some acting when she was in junior high on that really weird kid show. You can’t do that on television. Have you ever seen that? I have not. It’s basically all that beta, but like it’s, it’s, the show is fine. Like it’s a sketch show with kids. But it just, I guess the intro. So I just made this connection, all that was really Saturday night, live quiet, the diet version of Saturday night live.

And then some of them grew up to go onto the, the big, the big boy, sorry. And I just said, I’ll do it all. I’ll do it anyway. But it had a really creepy, like intro where it’s like kind of stop motion animation, and anyway, creeped me out. Um, but we’ll come back to that show. We’ll come back. So she starts playing piano at six, and then she’s just like, let me go record a demo at nine years old.

And she sends it to MCA records, CA in Canada and the main exact, uh, set over there that her voice is promising, but declined to sign her because what am I going to do with a nine-year-old? I mean, that is fair. You know, good for you Ilana’s you shot your shot and you went for it. I’m proud of her for that, you know?

And it’s good. She learned that rejection then. Cause a lot of us don’t learn that. Well, some of us, some of us more than others rejection, depending on your. Range of popularity in school.

If you were a theater kid, you learned that quite young, not as you were a three as a theater kid. Anyway. Um, so in 1987, she met entertainment manager. Steven clove him helps her land a gig at the 1988. Uh, world cup of figure skating with Leslie Howe, who wasn’t a synth pop group at the time it was backing her up.

Um, she sung Oak Canada. So, which is interesting, cause it’s synth pop with oh Canada. Interesting mix. Um, but cloven really wanted more set to make that connection with how, um, because she really thought like you can help her get ready for star search, the greatest eighties talent competition. She did end up being on it, but like that they decided, nah, let’s go record.

Way. So they went that direction. So she goes back to old MCA records. She’s six. She’s not either 14 or 15 at this time, but they do signer go good. Um, as she’s came ready though, to record her album, keep mine she’s 14 or 15. The studio pressures her to lose weight, which is just dumb. Dom. I mean, it’s dumb regardless of age, but especially a 14 or 15 dumb.

And this leads to her becoming anorexic and bulimic at which she goes to therapy. Um, there’s Marisa that, um, she also has a crazy schedule up to this point. Keep in mind, she’s still in school. So then the next two albums that we’ll talk about, she’s still in. Like she’s in a public school. I’m assuming doing life.

And her schedule is she goes to school. She comes back from school. She goes straight to the studio, stays up till three or 4:00 AM recording and writing. Repeat, holy shit. Like how did that get greenlit? That’s not healthy. No. I mean, like when we’ve covered that before, usually cocaine’s in the pitcher, but they’re not giving cocaine.

I don’t think no, a 14 or 15 year old, unless he would pull know Judy Garland and putting her on cigarettes. And they’re also not going to, well, usually, yeah, that’s, that’s one extreme extracurricular activities quite. Anyway, her first album drops in 1991 and it’s called Alanis in the vein of Selena reminded me of that.

Um, and it was co-wrote with Leslie, how now? Hm. This is a pop synth album. Keep in mind crunches there, but it’s, you know, she’s not crying yet, so it’s very pop synth almost in the. Like a Paula Abdul kind of that kind of genre that is other than a Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul genre. Um, but I went and listened because I was like, Hmm, how’s that going to work with her voice?

Because she has a very unique voice. It’s surprisingly, it worked super well. Like I want to listen to this album. I was like at first. Did she change her voice? Cause people will do that. And that’s completely fine. If anything, it shows range, but it’s exactly the same voice she sings in and it works in an odd way.

Um, that album only released in Canada and it did go platinum. So it did really well. And that’s, uh, industry. But it did receive like some mixed reviews from critics. Do we give a shit about the critics here? No, no, we did not. Um, and like I said, commercially, it’s a hip. The biggest singles from that album are too hot and feel your love and walk away, which stars, Matt LeBlanc, pool, and flirting with a lot of that’s amazing.

Free. This is friends. This is, this is young. Joey, baby. Joey. Yeah, baby Joey. Um, but I thought that was cute. Um, in August of 1992, she puts out another album called and now is a time. And I got to show you this album cover because it is so nineties, like it almost hurts me. I can picture the word art. You know, it, it’s going to confirm in your head.

I guarantee you have assessed with brush fonts as a society in the nineties. It’s similar to a brush font. Everything I can picture from the nineties had that stupid brush font and font with like a drop shadow. Ooh, look at albums, have that exact composition. What it is. It’s that like? What, like it’s basically has, it’s a split tone background within a square photo with a square photo in the middle.

You’ve seen it. You’ve seen it a million times. I can’t name another album that has that exact. But I can picture it. It’s purple. Yes. I don’t know what album I’m thinking of. So anyway, it’s called now’s the time it’s more ballad based. Um, it wasn’t really received very well and only sold half of her first album.

So after those two albums, MTA record is like our contract’s fulfilled and they move on without her history will show this is a bad move. I have a feeling because in 1990, She meets manager, Scott Welch. And he convinces her to move from Ottawa. After she graduates to Toronto, help her career work with a different group of people.

And after the MCA thing, she, there was an interview I read and she said, you know, I’m okay. That to paraphrase. Like she was like, I’m okay that this happened. Cause you need like a clean slate anyway. So she was completely down to try new ways of doing. Um, so once she’s in Toronto, she meets a producer by the name of Glen Ballard.

There’s just like an instant connection between the two, according to Ballard, within 30 minutes of meeting, they were already in the studio, experimenting with sounds within an hour. They had already wrote the first song. Jeez. And. There began this amazing writing partner, Alanis and Glenn. Um, so like I mentioned, she is looking for a new slate.

She’s ready to get out there. She’s 20 years old has two albums under her belt is accomplished, was on star search and on TV. Um, my wife. It’s time for a new direction in my life and a new theme for this album. What does she have? An angst check, unhappy relationships check, um, which drawn are perfectly encapsulated.

Hmm a mess. It is 1993. If you guessed alternative rock and post grunge, you are correct. So in 1994, they start working on the album. They recorded some demos of it, um, which is recorded in 12 to 16 hour shifts. Which is just an insane schedule, but at least she’s out of school. She’s not going to school and trying to do homework.

This is her full-time job. They also recorded both the demos and I believe the professional ones, but don’t quote me too much on that. And like one to two takes that sounds about right. That’s actually, I’m learning. It’s a more common thing because usually the first couple takes. Is the best. Yeah. Cause then you get into your head after the third or fourth, 30 years, a lot of truth to that becomes very automated.

Yeah. So they record some demos, which also fun fact, uh, the demo vocals were kept for the professional produced albums, which is kind of nuts. Cause I was listening to the album today and there’s like not a flaw in her voice. Not, not a damn flaw, which is not what you always get with demos, not what you always get.

So they started shipping it to studios all came back with a rejection letters. Damn, except for one Maverick records, which was co-founded by Madonna. That’s a good choice. Um, now, so they’re recording. They also bring in Dave Navarro and flee to hell. Yes. And I think this is when Dave Navarro, he was either with, or about to be with red hot chili peppers.

So. He, they basically were like, Hey, we need to, we have these songs, but we need like riffs. And he was like, I got you, man. He was like, do you need a trumpet too?

I do too. And so, yeah, like they came in for a good chunk of the album. So like a lot of the solos and things you hear is like flea and Dave Navarro. Incredible. Yeah. And then after. Like right before the album dropped, Maverick did something very interesting. They go to MCA records and they say, Hey, stop circulating her last two albums because they knew how.

Um, this album is going to be, which is jagged little pill, but you know, one thing I also want to point out and I love that she said this because the thing with Alanis, she’s very transparent. She is who she is. And that’s what you’re going to get, which is very refreshing to see in the music industry. And.

When, I guess it was an interview where someone was questioning her about her first two albums and, you know, a lot of people tend to be like, oh, those were, you know, nothing to kind of brush it off to the side. And she said, no, That’s a part of who I was. That was a version of me and that’s completely fine.

And I don’t regret it one bit and I love that Pantera should have listened. Yeah, you can change and adapt as you figured out what you’re doing. And for those who don’t know, pant has pan terrace, or is it glam metal album artists, sorry. And then moved to the groove metal, but you can listen to our pan Tara episode about it.

And they’re very, they are adorable. They’re so cute. I have a very long story about that. But, like I mentioned, this album has some themes, anger, and relationships to critiques about the Catholic church. I’m always here for a Catholic church or critique personally, personally. Um, and then female sexuality, ed issues, since she had that experience, very reminiscent of the riot girl movement in like mission and themes.

It it’s almost feels like a ceiling to floor thing because alarmist is just taking that kind of movement and inspiration from it and bringing it on more of a global stage, but a little bit more pop. Um, there’s, it’s definitely not full grunge. It’s not. It’s honestly, not even full, like alternative rock.

Yeah. It’s an alternative rock, post grunge pop sound. And that’s why it did such a good job appealing to the masses, which we’ll talk about in a little bit. Um, but yeah, the album’s called jacket little pill. It does not have. A song titled that on the album, but is pulled from a lyric. Um, in the song we learned, um, according to urban dictionary reason, it’s also called that because it’s another phrase of saying.

Hard to swallow pill. Um, the main hits from that are, you want to know ironic hand in my pocket, um, hand to feet. We also, I want to talk about a couple of these songs, cause I feel like they’re important, but we’re going to start with one because we have a you’re so vain asked moment happening here. Um, mainly around the song you ought to know for those who don’t know what that song is about.

Um, on the surface level, it’s about Alanise or girl, we’re assuming it’s, Alanise, you know, breakup, they moved on to a different person really quick, and it’s like, I’m here to remind you of the mess you left behind to go to that new person kind of thing. Remember how I told you about you can’t do this on television.

Here’s the scoop Alana starred in five episodes. In that show, there was a segment called out of control, hosted by Dave Coulier from full house. I forget Canadian two. What the hell? Yes. David, Dave, and a lot of us dated when she was 17 or 18 and he was 33. Now, you know, for the sanctity of the children listening, I had to put on my detective hat and I had to put on my shoe, a Rocky priestess hat and find out how the hell did they meet?

Was it on this set? Because that’s a problem. I have a problem. I need a button that says that’s weird. That’s weird. So after about 35 minutes, We should make a sound effect. We should. That’s what, 35 minutes of combing through articles.

I love it at occasion to this. Well, literally I went on to some of the most gossipy articles to that. Just like they pose like news. They are just not well subdued, the garbage writing. I am happy to report that they did not meet on that set. So good. Um, instead they met at a hockey game, which is like Canadian Tinder.

I am told,

and I can further specify the out of control aired from 1984 to 1985. And was on in 1986. So there’s a very good chance they did not meet them. Cause that would have been Halloween cause she’s in Lincoln, junior high. Yeah. And he’s like in his late twenties or mid twenties, probably at that point. Anyway, so they dated in 1992, they broke up awareness rights.

You ought to know in an interview, I watched a Dave Coulier. He said how he found out about the song is he’s in his car. And here’s a song, come on the radio. And he’s like, this is a damn good song. Who is it by? Well, your ex wrote it, David. Oh, no.

I want to throw out a potential quote in here from the daily mail that long. Let us let you set about this song. She said I didn’t write this song to actually to seek actual revenge. I’m all about revenge. Fantasy revenge. Go for it. But Dave Coulier is fully convinced. This song is about him. Hey, the shoe fits.

But Alana said she will never tell who it’s about. And it’s like six guys have previously claimed. Nope. It’s about me. It’s about me. Brings up a point of discussion. Why are guys so obsessed with songs being sure it’s publicity, but bro, can you just shut up and let the woman tell a story? Damn. So anyway, there’s that segment.

And then let’s move on to her most popular song, which is ironic. And let’s get a little more wholesome because we’ll talk about the history, but I got to talk about my experience, hearing the song for the first time. Like I said, we were in the nineties. I was actually in the two thousands when I heard it, but I was on the school bus.

It was either fifth or sixth grade. I don’t know which one it was. My friend Amber was on the bus with me. Our bus driver gave her a copy of the CD, which now I’m thinking about her song. You ought to know and talks about going down on a guy. Probably not, not a good choice for a bus driver to give children not the best.

Option, but I appreciate where her heart was at. Um, but she showed me a copy of the song. Ironic. She was like, you gotta hear this, this girl, her name’s Alanis Morissette. And I listened to ironic on her Walkman on the bus. Let me tell you little Beth ans that was her Anthem for the school year. That song, you know, outside of my experience, the song was huge.

It went gold. It was her highest peaking song. Surprisingly only reaching. ’cause I really consider her like of the nineties, like kind of a legacy artist in that regards, but only reached number four on billboard 100. Um, her music video is definitely worth highlighting because it is very iconic. And in the music video, like she’s in a car driving around and there’s like four different versions of her and they’re all wearing a different sweater except for the person in the front seat driving.

Um, it’s a really awesome music video. It’s definitely, it’s definitely like, you know, like how there’s these nineties music videos and it’s just his facial expression. You can’t exactly place it. Why? But something about nineties facial expressions and that weird green filter, they put on everything weird fucking gray and the yellow filter.

I don’t know green. She has in her. You ought to know it’s a big ass yellow filter. It’s everything’s yellow or green for something the frame completely choppy and bad sunglass. So your sunglasses so tiny, terrible. They were not blocking the sun anyway, that’s because of the matrix I’m going to play in that directly in the middle.

Honestly, there’s probably some truth to that because then leather came in really hot. Really and the weird hairstyle where you’d pull your hair back now with butterfly clips, with the, like the tiny little black ones to make Trinity. Yes. 100%. Um, one last quick sidebar about this song. Ironically, it has some controversy.

Um, that will not be my only ironic joke by the way. Um, so first the, well actually nerds got their glasses and their myriad Webster dictionary out and said, well, actually the situation is brought up in the song. Do not qualify as the definition of ironic, shut up neck beard. And literally like, this is a point of conversation for one.

That sounds right in the nineties. Do I care? No, it’s a banger songs. Don’t have to make complete sense. Yes. Correct. Let it be. It’s art. It’s art. Um, second after nine 11, the clear channel communications. Is now known as iHeart radio. I heard media, um, sent out a memo, banning certain songs that had questionable lyrics.

This happened to be one of them because, well, there is a segment about the plane going down and he says, well, isn’t that nice? Yeah. But basically anything with like planes or death, like they blocked knocking on heaven’s door, things like that. All a bunch of these songs got banned post nine 11, us Jose weird case.

And I bring this up because I got a little mad because completely unrelated. They included all of rage against machines, discography. They’ve been waiting for this opportunity and they were just like, we need an American tragedy. They were like, you can only play Toby Heath. What a cheap shot, man. You could hear more about a rage against machinery to customer machine episode.

Anyway. So those are the stories about those songs. Um, as far as the reception of this album, originally upon the release of the album, the studio just wanted to sell enough copies to justify making another album. It was not global domination was not the goal. Um, but it over exceeded that expectation of just enough to get by.

How it started was a radio station. Los Angeles picked up the song that you ought to know. And honestly, it was just snowball effect from there. It just became this juggernaut of an album. Um, it’s hitting like all the charts, including like in 13 different countries. It’s also on the Wiki page for one of the best selling albums of all time, because it’s sold 33 million albums.

So yeah, it’s quite a hit for her at the age of 21. Set for life, God. Um, it also was listed at the holiest of thou numbers on the rolling stone 500 greatest albums of all time at number 69. Nice, nice. This is the 2020 list. It didn’t say nor did I click the hyperlink. Um, which is really funny because she has a lyric, one of her songs, it’s wine and dine in 16.

Hit on at rolling stone that on purpose, they’re like, we can put it here, here and there. Like you gotta make, you gotta put it there. You got to put it. And then rolling stone also dubbed her as the queen of alt rock angst, which is interesting because Madonna who started the record label was queen of pop and it’s like another crown being passed on.

So when it came around to award time, um, she was nominated for nine Grammys, one five, including album of the year. We’ll talk more about like the legacy of Sodom later, but one thing I wanted to point it out was like, this album just opened a ton of doors for women, especially in the alt rock scene. And I would consider like in that rock, pop area.

So like Tracy, Tracy, Bonham, Avril Levine, Katy Perry, like that kind of style.

So after the beast that is jagged little pill, she starts working on her next album. And I want to preface because it’s going to be more of a fly by four for a few reasons. There’s more to her career. I want to cover. But also these unfortunately kind of just came and went. It’s hard to cover albums that just come and went.

Also keep in mind, she sold 33 Al 33 million albums. When that happened. The media is never fair to you. The bar is very high. The bar is very high. You will not cross it. And that is completely fine. But then like no one talks about the other shit and it’s unfair, but down, unfortunately what happened in this situation, but I am going to highlight them briefly.

So we’re going to start with her 1998 album called, supposed former . Um, as a title, it is a title. Yeah. Some, some critics claim. Cause it didn’t sell that. Well, I mean, once again, you’re not going to get across that threshold, um, because of the title, because it’s too wordy, maybe I don’t know who knows, but, um, the biggest hit from that album was called.

Thank you. After the release of that album, she performed at a little event. Shit show called was stock 99. I have to talk about it for a few seconds because there’s a documentary about what stock 99 on HBO max, and they show part of her performance. And one of the things they talk about first, there was only three films, female actors.

At that event sounds about right. For the nineties, honest and it’s a three-day event. So each one’s on one of those days. Um, so a lot is the token female act each day. I think it was, I’m not sure, but Alanis was Saturday. So the middle day, and then it was Juul and Sheryl Crow. Um, second, the lineup for Saturday night is just a weird mix and I’m sure a lot of, you know, his history tells.

There was a lot of islands at that, a lot of sexual assault and people getting away with shit. That’s like, like there was an insane amount of sexual assault that was happening. Um, like. Idiot thought it was a good idea to put the men showers in the women’s showers next to each other and only have them separated by a tarp.

That’s not going to work. No, no, it did not also, I mean that aside people are going to have sex in those showers anyway. Right, right. And there would be like, you know, they hide their police officers in his peace patrol who got no training and like, Hey Joe, off the street, you want a job? Cool. Let’s go. You start tomorrow.

Yeah, exactly. So like all this shit is going down there. All right. Like they didn’t do anything to fix it anyway. So I bring that up because there’s a lot of tension building on that Saturday. And there’s a reason why, because here’s the lineup, counting crows, ironic Dave Matthews band, not as ironic. Um, they’re from here though.

They are from here. That is ironic because I’m from Charlottesville. Yeah. Yeah. A lot. It’s more set. Limp biscuit, rage against machine God Metallica. It just got heavier and heavier. They literally cause think about the crowd dynamic. This is same. I’ve all I have given the speech on this can’t mix group, you cannot mix certain groups.

It is for the safety of the audience. You can’t mix limp, Bizkit. With Metallica fans, trust me. I wish we could all coexist. It does not exist in the rock community and it’s a shame, but that is the truth. And so. After Alanna’s plays in her music does have, you know, some rockets it’s pretty chill for the most part, compared to what’s coming up.

The crowd is just super like angsty. Like they are just, and that is why I believe what went down is B the lineup did not help set the main reason, but that did not help because you literally just have. Just raging inside. So anyway, against the machine against the machine and machine being Woodstock 99, we solved it guys.

Um, um, but yeah, so it’s definitely worth watching that documentary, but let’s move on to our next albums. Um, they include. Under rug swept. That was 2002. It was her first album where she wrote solo. Good fats. Pretty cool. Um, so the guy from blur harasser about it? No, not yet, but we’ll see. It’s early up. I saw he had to apologize and his apology was shitty.

I didn’t read it. I just saw the headline. We can talk about that in the next episode, if we want so-called chaos in 2006. Flavors of entanglement in 2008 havoc and bright lights in 2012. And her last album was such pretty forks in the road in 2020. Um, she had a tour for it. She had to postpone a lot of it because of COVID.

Um, but there is an opportunity if you want to see Alana, she can. But along with her album work, she also, like I said, this is what I like about lowness. She is who she is, but she also is like not serious all the time. And I appreciate an artist who’s secure in who they are and can also enjoy a good laugh.

And poke fun at themselves. Like when the whole ironic thing was going, she was just like, eh, whatever, like, it didn’t bother her. It didn’t phase her. So one of my favorite examples of this, and she did a cover of my hums from black Ickes, you know, the song, the one you dance to middle school, but twerking wasn’t quite a thing.

So it was this awkward rump shake in the corner with your friends. Um, and you thought you were so dirty for doing it? It was very terrible. Yes, it was. And yes, the. Chaperone the coroner was judging you 100%, 100%. So she takes the song and she slows it down. It makes it a piano ballad girl. Does she belt out?

Sadly, what are you going to do with all that junk? All that junk inside the truck. I gotta listen to this because the music video, dear God, the national recording, registered, registered library needs to put this video in for cultural significance preservation. It isn’t. So they’re spoofing the original video, but the way the video I saw it’s very grainy.

You know, the frame rate’s not quite there. It is a time capsule of two thousands Deb fashion. Oh. And like that type of comedy of two thousands, when you’re doing a spoof, we first discovered like memes. Yes. And that yes. And then the joke just kept going and it doesn’t get funny after six seconds. Peak humor was college humor.

Yes. Which still exists for some unknown reason. Yeah, it was interesting. Cause I was, they did a video about ironic. In a college humor, 2012 video anyway, but it was just peaked 2000 fashions, hoop earrings, those tube tops that kind of like the dresses at taper down at the bottom where it straight. So made this bubble, the bubble effect.

That was not a good look. The, a bomber jacket. You find a Deb’s like the side bangs that were like full banks, but you kind of just. Swept them bitch. Yeah, I had them at some point too. Um, I wouldn’t again now because I’m growing out my current day. Nice. So when Fergie heard it, she showed her approval by sending Alana’s a cake.

The cake was butt shaped.

It’s awesome. Um, so along with music, she also did some acting as well. Like most of it’s just like Alana says herself, but some of it’s like kind of some real roles, um, some roles that were in shows and included Degrassi the next generation, Canadians weeds, nip tuck, the great north was she still has an, a reoccurring role on, and then my favorite role where she was in Kevin Smith’s dogma and she played.

No, I’ve never seen dogma, but I concur that God is at best a woman and at its greatest Alanis Morissette. Thank you. Theologians Kevin Smith and Ariana Grande’s for reminding us. Yes. Um, as far as for legacy. So we’re going to, like I said, not a lot to fully cover in this episode, but she is a nineties icon.

She did open a lot of doors for that modern pop rock sound that we would have, um, jagged little pill is such a defining album of that time. It’s a musical now. And it’s a musical. That’s exactly. That’s where I was going. Oh, they did anniversary albums of it. And then it became a musical. That one, like it was nominee for like 15 Tony’s it’s on my phone up.

I think it’s done better than anyone really, because they wrote an original story for. And that is going to be turned into a book. So that’s interesting. I hope it’s better than the dear Evan Hansen book. Yeah. Brill, but yeah, that is a lot. It’s more set. Not a super long one, but a fun one. Indeed. Yeah. Fun topic.

Um, we’re just drinking water because we had nuggies we had the nugs

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Don’t do drugs. .

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