Episode 61: A Long December (Counting Crows)

We’ll give you reason to believe, that maybe this one will be better than the last. Leah is talking all about the Counting Crows, from their humble beginnings in California, up to their newest release, Butter Miracle Suite One. 

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I’m just going to say it. Now, you all who have been listening to the show, you are aware of that. I have undiagnosed some form of dyslexia to where, I mean, one phrase and another phrase comes out well here. The here is your, your a precursor, if you will, your advisement, because me and Leah also have a history in the youth group Christian scene way back in the day.

So if you hear me call this casting crows or counting crowns, you will know what has happened. It has happened before we hit record. And I was like, we gotta put that intentional, but I guarantee you now it’s in my head. It will be. Once or twice counting crows counting crows. Yes, I have. I actually have one.

Can you believe it? Oh, I thought that was going to be the transition to our names, but okay. Oh yeah, we could do that. That’s fine too. No, I have a question. Okay. We’re coming up to. I would like to call it festival season, but it’s not really festival, like we’re getting back into shows. It’s also not even a season.

I feel like festivals are starting in March and going to October this year. Like what the hell? And then there’s some festivals which will not be named that. All righty. And third days, and only going to see five minutes of a band you like, but that’s TBD if that happens. But anyway, my way seasoned to watch shows again, as long as everything goes, well, what band t-shirts do you want to pick up?

Whether you are going to plan on seeing them or not see them? What band t-shirt do you want to pick up this year? Hm, this is a very dumb answer cause it’s not really a band, but they, this artist has yet to make merchandise. I actually want to wear on my body. I want a damn Taylor swift shirt. All our shirts are so it’s, it’s the picture of her.

It’s the, it’s the album cover. And those are my least favorite shirts because they’re the least creative shirts or they $50 for she’ll have something really cute. Like they just read, dropped a lover line for Valentine’s day. They like re went back and release more lover merge, and they have this really cute.

Pink tie dyed hoodie that says you’re my lover and Taylor’s handwriting like embroidered on it. The thing is $70. I could make, give me a cricket. I made it, I could embroider that myself for less money than that. So like, I do have a red card again, but no one, unless you know what it is like, you’re not like that’s Taylor swift merge.

I just want some Taylor swift merchandise actually where? Yeah, no, I agree with that. Um, I am excited. To pick back up and under oath. T-shirt cause I’m going to go see them. I’m with spirit box. Every time I die was on that tour list, but they have broken up, oh, there’s a lot of controversy going on with them right now.

We’re not going to get into it. It’s ton of drama. So they added a stray from the path I think, and another ban. But anyway, I used to have an under oath. I had maybe one or two under a t-shirts I, for some reason got rid of them. I don’t know why. Um, but my first Amazon order was also, and I went back and looked and sure enough, 2009, I ordered an undergrowth poster.

That’s hilarious. So I would love. A good under oath. T-shirt gun. Josh bought a hat for, from under oath because he’s in the hats now and they called it a dad hat, which is just both an offense, but also a fair critique of where the scene is at. Yeah. They’re all dads now. Yeah. So that is my plan. Good Joyce.

And with that, I’m Bethann and I’m Leah, and this is Sheila rock. You

be like pull up before I haul you. Let me turn down. Thermostat.

Um, welcome new listeners because we have not welcomed to new listeners in a very long time. So if this is your first episode or you’re like, hello, hello, we’re happy to have you here. Thanks for listening to our chaos. Please stay and continue to listen to our chaos. Every episode is a wild ride. Anyway, today we’re talking about counting crows and this was not originally my plan.

But I’m still debating whether I want to do the original artist that I picked because they had some pretty insane sexual assault allegations that they pled guilty to. I’m not going to name them in case I end up doing them later, but, um, we pinned that one. Yeah. I was not in the mood to do that. So I was like, what is a band that I can do that?

Like, isn’t going to have all this drama attached to them. And I w my way of choosing was I went to Spotify and I found a rock playlist. I started scrolling and I was like counting crews. And here we are. May I just say stark difference from your original choice? Yes. It’s a very stark difference, but I’m sure it will be a much better episode, happier episodes.

Yeah, when you’re briefly planning. Um, the only thing that I’m, I’m not really going to touch on, but some people have issue with, with counting. Crows is lead singer. Adam directs for a very long time, like up until last year had dreadlocks, but he’s white. But like, I mean, that was just a nineties thing. To be honest, it was very much a, he lived in Berkeley, California, and that was the thing.

It doesn’t seem from what I can tell that there’s not a whole lot of like, hate for him online because. He didn’t do it from a place of like, I’m cool. I have dreadlocks. It’s just like, this is the style because if it’s Berkeley, I mean, everyone, they were just smoking weed and yeah. I mean, a lot of bands coming out of there, like corn at some point had dreadlocks baker they’re from Bakersfield pod.

Had it. I think Bakersfield or somewhere? No, they’re from Anaheim. So that was a nineties. Like I think SAC day, the Roca had dreadlocks at some point. So it is a cultural thing of the nineties. I am glad that conversation is coming out. Like, Hey guys, that may have not been the coolest. It may have been cultural appropriation.

So I appreciate the conversation. We can look back. It happened. But he actually had a nervous breakdown in 2019 and shaved them off. So he no longer has dreadlocks. Um, but let us, let us go back to the beginning in, in the Berkeley, California beginnings, where we meet Adam Durants, he grew up in Berkeley, California.

There is not a lot of information about his early life. It kind of just picked up. When he got into music. So by the mid eighties, he dropped out of college and decided to pursue music full-time and joined the band called the Himalayas. Welcome to the Himalayas, John Ratzenberger was there.

Let’s keep in mind. This is the mid to late eighties, and they’re trying to make it in the same scene as the scene that green day and Primis are getting started in. It was a nice idea guy. Very nice idea. California is hot. It’s like. Eighties, glam metal revolution all over again. Where I guess on any given night, you could listen to the punk under seen at that time, forget it.

You were going to have a great night wherever you went. Um, and so he spends several years jumping from one band to another. He’ll like meet a friend who plays guitar and they’ll play coffee shops and bars. And then that doesn’t really go anywhere. So I mean, another friend that he plays guitar, they’ll play coffee shops and bars, um, and you know, Couple of years that, and he gets to the point where he just like gets really frustrated that he.

Making it and not going anywhere and watching these other bands that are playing the same scenes as them make it big. And so he starts to write these songs about like his inner turmoil that are really, really vulnerable songs and really personal songs. And he ends up meeting David Bryson who goes on to be in counting crows.

And the two of them keep making those, this coffee shop circuit. And they kind of liked the thing that they had going on there. They clicked really well. They wrote really well together. And so in early 1991, David. And I had them ask Matt Malley, Steve Bowen, and Charlie Gillingham to help them recorded demo.

They also invite another friend, guitarist, David IMR, Glock, who has him, her full, last name, Mr. Gluck, um, who he would, he would play with them from time to time. He, at this point, and for the next couple of years, like the next 20 years, he’s not an official member of the group. He just would like bounce in just some sessions or cover a show here or there and bounce.

And therefore counting crows was hatched, uh, which is what they ended up dubbing themselves. And, uh, and I’m realizing now that I forgot to read my intro quote, which is really good. So we’re going to read it now. Uh, this is how the VH1 behind the music special starts. The history of rock and roll is littered with heartbreaking stories of tragedy and fix.

And then there’s the counting crows.

VH1 behind the music gives no fucks. Give not a single fuck. If they’re about your thoughts. If there is not a VH1 special, when I pick an artist, I’m sad about it because it’s not as fun anyway. So counting crows has hatched. Uh, they ended up, they like loved playing together. This, this like demo group, they didn’t really get together.

The intention of starting a band more, just like let’s let Adam cut this demo that he wants to cut, but they had fun doing it. So they gave him a name. Uh, the name of the band derives from a British nursery rhyme called one for sorrow, which is like a superstitious nursery rhyme about counting magpies, which are basically crows.

Adam directs first heard the rock, the rhyme in the film signs of life. Which he was really good friends at the time with Mary Louise Parker. Who’s in that movie. And a, if anyone’s curious, here’s the modern version of that nursery rhyme one for sorrow two for joy three for a girl four for a boy, five for silver, six for gold seven for a secret, never to be told eight for a wish nine for a kiss 10 for a bird.

You must not miss. Hmm, not that deep of a nursery rhyme, but you know, that’s what gets the creative juices flowing. If you’re counting crows, then that’s up to you. He actually went on to feature this rhyme later in their career or not. I said later it was like the same year, um, and their song, a murder of one, which is on their debut album.

That’s creative. Cause it’s crows. Yeah, he is a Ander. It’s gets a lot of shit. I counting crows, which we’ll get to as a band that people have to hate on for no reason. They’re kind of like Nickelback before they were Nickelback. Like yeah. People just shit on counting crows for literally no reason I don’t do it as a genius lyricist.

Um, but we’ll, we’ll get there. So at this point, they’re just like six dudes in some instruments, they have no manager, no record label. And so they. Make a bunch of copies of their demo and mail them out to people. And they said it got to the point that, um, they would call up radio stations to say, Hey, can we send you a demo?

And they’d say, oh no, I already got it from my friend, Joe. Like he gave me a copy because people were making their own copies and give it to their friends because they loved it so much. Totally a nineties thing. It’s so funny. Um, and then when I say demo tape, I mean, literal cassette tape, the manager, their current manager at the time when this VH1 special was made, still had the original cassette tape that he mailed to them because he was so like impressed with what he heard, that he kept their manager.

You could tell their manager, I forget his name because they only show up at one time. Uh, you could tell their manager really loved working with them and like really believed in what they were doing. So, uh, that strategy did work and they landed some management. And in February of 1992, their management invited a bunch of record label executives to watch the band perform at this tiny club in San Francisco called the I-beam.

So they invited, like, I don’t know, like 20 something labels, 10 showed up. And the morning after the show, nine of them made offers. Wow. Yeah. Opposite Alanis Morissette. Yes. So after spending some time weighing these offers, I keep saying like, and I hate that, but it’s the San Francisco thing, right? We’re in the valley.

I don’t know. San Francisco in the valley. I know nothing about California. Roll. Just roll it. I’m an east coast girl. Um, so the way all the offers and spend a cup. Jay’s I think doing that, uh, they ended up settling with Geffen records because they had guns and roses and Nirvana on their roster at the time prospects were high.

So the band moves into a house in San Francisco. They rent out the entire house and they start working in a studio with producers to really hone in on their sound. Cause they kind of just came together and made this demo. And didn’t really have a plan beyond that. Yeah. They didn’t have anything nailed down.

His goal was to become famous. Yeah. That’s that’s it? That was it. And then he got there. He was like, all right. It’s like, we gotta deal with that. What we got to actually make some music. So they work with these producers to figure out exactly what their sound is, Polish up, the demos that they made, and they do this polishing process for nine months.

They go through all these different phases and different processes, and eventually they just actually decided they needed to play. Simply and little as possible to just let Adam shine through and his story that he’s doing shine through. I’m pretty quickly after that in the fall of 93, they released their debut album, August and everything after.

And they’d been playing some shows around, you know, practice and figure out their sound. And based on that, That live performance, everyone kind of thought, oh, this is going to be like a classic rock. Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan sound. They were wrong because counting, I mean, they’re inspired by those bands.

Yeah. Uh, but they’re not quite those bands August and everything after is not a Bob Dylan album. Like it’s pretty different. And so by the time this album drops, no one really knows what to do with. The record label doesn’t know what to do with it or how to promote it. They didn’t even bother to drop a single wow.

But by some crazy just phenomenon, people start doing the demo tape and like they share with their friends and that friend shares with a friend that was a big thing in the punk underground. And it got to the point where I’m sorry, it wasn’t getting radio play. Cause they didn’t do a single, but people are sharing this.

The record with each other and they start touring. They start touring literally just like dive bars and radio DJs would come to those dive bars and be like, oh my God, this is the coolest thing I’ve ever heard. Can I play this on the radio? And so they started to play it on these tiny little college radio stations and it got to the small town radio stations, and I got to the bigger regional radio stations and none of them.

All this is because not because a single has been promoted it’s because DJs are going to the live shows and having their minds blown. Uh, the former executive of Gaffin John Sykes is interviewed in the VH1 special. And he was like, when we first tried to drop them or to break them, they were too old for teen driven, top 40, but too young for the classic rock station.

So they didn’t even know where to promote them. And it’s getting some radio play, but I mean, it’s like college radio stations. There’s nothing that is going to change the world. So Mr. Sykes calls up a friend that he has at SNL and tells them about the band. And a month later, they play on that show for the entirety of the United States.

One of the songs they play is Mr. Jones and me, which is just the time when he used to say what it’s about. Uh, Adam wrote the song when he was in the Himalayan. Or who wrote it about a guy who was in the Himalayans with Marty Jones. And it just is a song about wanting to be a musician and make it big.

And what’s going to happen when we get famous. Like, what’s it going to be like? It’s interesting. Oh, sorry. Go ahead. I’ll say ironic. Considering what’s about to happen to them. They play SNL. And suddenly things go out of control. Mr. Jones and me jumps 40 spots a week on the billboard charts. Shit for the next five weeks.

Over the course of five weeks, it goes to number 200 it’s number four and six months later, they sold a million records. Holy shit, kid. Cause SNL, if you wanted to make a big that’s where you go, it’s so weird. It used to be. It was basically the ed Sullivan show for the, the eighties and early nineties.

Like you would go on there if you were trying to make it big. Whereas now I feel like be you have to be big enough to even play on SNL. Yeah. Usually the people who go on SNL, you have to reach a certain, either have to be big or. Bout to be big. Like they kinda know when an artist is about to be banging.

It’s not a chance thing anymore. Olivia Rodrigo got to play because she just exploded. I don’t know, Lizzo before, whenever she just had the song, um, juice out, she played it. Well, that was Jimmy Fallon, but still the player mains. She played on Jimmy Fallon and then a few weeks later she was big. Yeah. But she was already on her way up.

So. This record earned them the name, the nickname, accounting crows, guessing because it made the company so much money. I love that. Um, And all the interviews around this time, or looking back at this time, they say that it was so surreal and I didn’t expect to happen that the whole time they felt that was happening to someone else because they just couldn’t wrap their minds around it because they didn’t, they didn’t have this typical band struggle of, you know, grinding for eight years where they get their big break.

Right. They’re pretty much an overnight success because of one performance on. And so by spring night, Johnny for the album is selling a million records a month, which is unreal a month. The band clearly had to tour cause they’re they’re hot right now. So they tour pretty extensively in 93 and 94, uh, both highlighting their own shows and supporting other artists such as the rolling stones dam, the cranberry.

Los Lobos and Bob Dylan. Holy shit, good names. Not small shows either. I’m sure. And Adam starts to get really worried about this fan because he doesn’t want to be another act that just rises to fame really quickly and then burns out. Instead of, you know, doing something to prevent that he just shuts down everything for the album for August and everything after no more singles, no more videos.

He was so scared. They get overexposed. And he was like, no more guys. We got, you cannot promote this album anymore. It they’d even may already made a video for around here and he refused to let them put it out because he didn’t want any more attention on. Him on the band. I mean, that’s one way to do it. I guess you do risk at that point in history, there was very much a risk of overexposure.

Yeah, because there wasn’t a lot of alternative. Like now it’s the same 40 songs on the radio, but if you don’t want to listen to top 40 radio, you don’t have to listen to top 40 radio. Yeah. Um, more of a risks. I get sick of the song. Yeah. Then he gets sick of the artist. Yeah. Because I mean, you only have so many things to listen to on the radio.

They finished touring the album and they come back home to San Francisco and they were all burnt out and freaked out because they did not expect it to go zero to 100, like this. And so they start fighting, but pretty quickly they realized that all the fights centered around one person and that his drummer, Steve Bowman.

Oh, they decide they do step five. Out of the six times, there was a fight. Steve was involved. So at 94, Steve leaves the band and they replaced him with Ben mys who had 12 hours to get himself together. Quit his job, quit his band. He was working on and play for 8,000 people on the first. Jeez, but he, he nailed it.

He clicked with the band immediately and they loved him. So he got the job. Sorry to his old band in 1995, Adam goes back home to Berkeley. They toured a little bit more. At this point, I got a new drummer and he tries to blend it. But everyone knows who he is at this point has a very distinctive hairstyle too, which is not helping.

Um, and he suffered a nervous breakdown because it got to the point where kids were camping in his front yard. He couldn’t go to the grocery store without being recognized. Like he just getting mobbed all the time. So he moves to LA, uh, cause that makes sense where he can blend in. Cause I mean, everyone’s famous now.

Yeah, at least they, they aren’t like, oh my God, you’re a famous person. Can I touch you? Which freaked him out. Um, so moved to LA and for a sense of normalcy, he starts bartending at the Viper room. Oh, she’s. And he loved it. Cause he was just a normal dude behind a bar working a normal job that, but a very famous route, like a very famous bar.

He probably went into, I don’t know if he would’ve gotten that job with he wasn’t Adam dirt’s, but you know, yeah. It is what it is, but it gives them a chance to like calm down, lay low for a while and like reevaluate, uh, by winter 9 25, he’s like shunned the music scene. He doesn’t wanna be a part of it during this time.

And for a man who’s trying to avoid attention. He does a really good job of bringing attention on himself because he starts to date famous actresses, such as Jennifer Anniston and Courtney Cox that will do it. So he ends up in all the gossip, magazines, all the gossip, newspapers. He also happened. We dating like two of the biggest stars.

Due to friends. And because of that, the media, and that mean the tabloids were not very nice to him because he’s not traditionally attractive, you know, Brad Pitt tight. So they’re really mean to him. And they’re like, how in the world did this guy get Courtney Cox? What’s he hiding? And 900 tabloids, man, maybe he’s just.

Because he writes really vulnerable lyrics, maybe that’s it, but that doesn’t do much to help him lay low. Uh, he eventually stopped writing music and his band mates would call him and be like, Hey man, let’s go write some stuff together. Let’s go play around. He’d just say, I’m not in a band right now. Holy shit.

So he’s really. Going through something. Yeah. Um, so I, in 2018, I think it’s 28, 20 10, and 2008. He ends up getting diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. So this whole time it feels like all this is happening to someone else and he’s just observing, um, He eventually writes about and make sense of later in life.

But this time he has no clue what’s happening. He’s just like I’m done being famous goodbye. Um, but eventually he does come around and decides it’s time to make more music. And so they do what they do best the band rented another house and set up to work on their sophomore album, which will become recovering the satellites.

And this where Mr. Jones and me was very much like hopeful, optimistic. What’s it going to be like to be famous song? This is very much an introspective, um, oh shit. I’m famous album. Yeah. So the, the album contains lyrics such as these days. I feel like I’m fading away. Like sometimes when I hear myself on the radio, From have you seen me lately and in the song, recovering satellites, he writes going to get back to basics guest, I’ll start it up again.

Um, it’s, since it’s released, it’s been described as a concept album of sorts, trying to pick up the pieces of a family, a social life, and a psyche shattered by fame. Um, and it doesn’t go over well because people don’t want to hear you complain about being famous. Well, people don’t want to hear you complain about being famous.

Yeah, exactly. Um, it actually gets him a pretty bad reputation. Uh, in a 2021 interview with the Grammys. The interviewer asked him my view is that you guys are a great American rock band, full stop. Maybe the only true artistic successor to van Morrison. But you said there was a point that the people who viewed the band as a joke, why do you think that was.

And this was Adam, dirt’s his response because you annoy the shit out of people. When you’re really successful on the various simplest level, having massive success on the radio, it means that they’ll play you every hour and that will annoy the fuck out of people after a while. It’s like, I don’t want to hear the same shit in my car every day.

They’re not trying to sustain your career. It’s the radio’s business to play what people want to hear. So they get advertising dollars. So yeah, too much success doesn’t really breed more of it all the time. Uh, There were years when we didn’t have reviews of live shows or records, they were like, here’s Adam whining again, while he’s fucking famous chicks, that just became the narrative.

And then it kind of cleans itself up and rehabs itself, nobody goes 30 years and stays beloved. It’s impossible. Hm. Which is so interesting. And so opposite of the trajectory that a lot of bands have talked about half. Yeah. They have a very long rise to fame and they generally are beloved. But counting crows just got shat on for being famous.

Right. And I think for him, you know, to get my armchair therapist out, I, I think part of the issue is he, because he shot up to fame, he didn’t have that opportunity with these bands or in long haul days, see that gradual rise. So it gives them more sustainable. To their career, so to speak where they can actually like have the appropriate matured emotions to deal with it.

But when you shoot up that fast, like you can’t process it, like your brain just breaks down. And I mean that, like, it’s just so hard to process all that information. It was a lot. Um, this is the album that has a long December, which is my favorite counting crows song and the time which I’m going to answer it the first time I heard counting groves.

So my, my father, my biological father, who, if you’re listening to this, maybe try calling me instead of listening to the podcast. Um, yeah, well, she said I’m her best friend Bob. He showed me along December. I was like, I think I was probably in seventh or eighth grade. Maybe sixth grade. He was like showing me songs, put on my iPod because you know, diversify my music taste and he showed me it and started making fun of it because there’s the line, the smell of hospitals and winter.

And like my, my he’s in a music BB definitely tell he’s not into lyrics. Cause he thought that was the funniest line ever. And I was I’m sitting there thinking, I don’t know. I kinda like these lyrics, not a good lyrics. And then I went on to listen to it like a billion times on my iPod. I’m not saying that’s a character study based off her private conversations, but that’s a character.

It’s a character study. Um, so long December probably. I dunno, there’s a debate I’m learning in the counting crows fandom, whether long December or Mr. Jones and me is their most beloved song is up in the air. I personally like. Long December better, but that is me. That was a side rant that had nothing to do with this album.

But that was the first time I heard counting crows and I pretty much only knew August and everything after and long December until I started this research. Adam directs is a genius. Lyrics are incredible, really fucking sad songs to a, to a really upbeat melody. They’re like, they’re sad. Bops, sad boy, sad boy music before there was sad boy music.

Exactly. Um, and they didn’t really fit in that grunge scene. Like. Their first album came out. I think six weeks after in utero came out very different. Yeah. Counting, counting crows is a hard box, like, cause they don’t really fit in a genre. Yeah. They’ve got grunge influences, but they’ve also got like.

Kind of influences. And I think in the nineties that didn’t bode as well. It was a harder sell at that point where today you can get away with it more. Yeah. There’s there wasn’t a lot of genre bending happening. No, not like it is today because there’s so many playlists on Spotify. Yeah. You can finish so many different kinds.

Um, so to round out, people saying Adam was complaining. He says, I think you, I guess you can call it whining. But for me it’s about art and art is about expressing yourself. So fuck the haters. They. To promote this album in 1997, they go on a co highlighting tour with a wallflowers that would continue through September, but after nine months of constant touring to support this album, Adam developed nodules on his vocal chords in July and had to cancel like two months worth of gigs.

That’ll mess you up. You don’t want those to rupture. So good call on suspending your show. He eventually did recover. Like he’s fine. Now, vocally in 1989, they performed at Woodstock 99. You want to hear about that shit show? Go back one episode, literally just talked about it. Um, I won’t share any other Woodstock stories.

I just think it’s funny. They were there because they were on the same day as Metallica. It’s an odd mix, but later that year they release this desert life. Which features the songs hanging around in colorblind Colorbond was featured in the movie cruel intention, which was a very large movie that year.

So it helps them push album sales. Um, and this is the point in time. We’re at 1999, 2000 ish. They finally invite David, Mr. Gluck to join the band as an official. And he never got the invite. So he’s just there. It took seven years now. You just been bouncing back and forth. He played on every counting crows album as a side man, but he kept declining a permanent position because he had other stuff he wanted to do.

But finally he joined the band good for him. Um, and he joins and he actually plays, he still. I think, um, he plays acoustic guitar, electric guitar, pedal steel guitar, slide, guitar, and mandolin, as well as one to keep background vocals. So he is important. He’s been doing it the whole time. He just never toured with them.

Yeah. Uh, they released their fourth album, hard candy in 2009 and this got a lot better reviews in their last couple. It had more quote, radio friendly songs, which. American girls is one of them and features Sheryl Crow on background vocals, midway through the hard candy tour. Second drummer. Remember this is second drummer, Ben mys amicably split.

Uh, let the band, he just left in the middle of the tour to go spend more time with his family. We are to do that and I’ll have a tour. I think there’s probably more there, but that’s yeah, that’s me reading into it. Um, so he completed the American leg and before they went overseas, they were placed in with Jim bogey, old boy, boy, I don’t know how to pronounce his name.

No one ever said it in the documentary. Uh, but he was a former drummer for Sheryl Crow. So I’m going to guess they met him when they met Sharon. I don’t know. Um, in 2004, They had a little song called accidentally and love on the stretch to a soundtrack. I remember that song. It was nominated for an Oscar for best original song, but lost to our old SRO lot.

OData yo from the motorcycle diaries, but honestly, which one do we remember more? Accidentally and love I’m accidentally and low . That was a good song. It wasn’t good. The Shrek soundtracks had no need to go as hard as they did, but they did it for us. They did it for us. Random story. First track album who let the dogs out.

I forget that’s in there all the time. It’s in there. My grandmother fell in love with that song and she would. Okay on the landline and she go, who let the dogs out. Wolf, Wolf, Wolf, Wolf, sweetest thing, the sweetest thing. I remember it all star was in there and they had the music video on the DVD. We all, we all know all star because it’s the most memorable, but Baha men was there.

Yes. But they had the music video, a Shrek music video. To all-star on the DB that you could watch over and over and over and over. And whenever the, at my best friend’s house, we would put on socks and like run and slide and like spin to that song on the DVD. We probably did it like 50 times. I love that Shrek that shaped our generation.

Did I remember that DVD too? Like that was, I went as, did a sleep over and we watched that that’s when DVD menus went hard and they were like super theme times, there was a game in there or a hidden Easter egg. Like you could select that one fence posts that would take you to, yes. I love stuff like that.

How far society has fallen?

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Um, so they kind of don’t do much after Shrek for three years, two years, two issues. Um, but in 2006, derate starts hinting and interviews that the next counting crows album was, was coming. They had spent three weeks working in a recording studio with Gil Norton who had last produced, recovering the satellites for them, um, and revealed that the title of the album would be Saturday nights and Sunday mornings because Saturday night is when you sin and Sunday is when you regret it.

Sending is often done very loudly angrily, bitterly, violently. Which I don’t know how much say about that album, but I just loved that reason behind that, that album name, uh, that actually did not release in 2007 and wound up releasing on March 25th, 2008 on August 8th, 2007. That’s a lot of numbers. VH1 filmed a live performance of Mr.

Jones for the mini series hundred greatest songs of the nineties that saw. It’s ranked number 27 on the list, which is pretty high, pretty high out of a hundred, uh, in 2000, this is the most random point that really has nowhere to go. So I’m just putting in here chronologically and 2008, a guy named Virgil Griffith, who was a software application.

So like a code, bro. He conducts a study in which he took the 10 highest favorite music options for, from Facebook for about 1300 colleges. And cross-referenced them with the average sat score for each college, counting crows with one of the top artists. The other top artists includes suf, Jan Stevens, Guster and U2, not a single one of those surprises me nerd music.

Um, in 2014, they released their last, what would be their last album for a while called somewhere under Wonderland. And then they all just kind of go off and work on personal projects they’ve been doing, you know, the counting crows grind for a while. It’s time to take a break. During this break, Adam dirt’s buys three wineries and nap.

This, this, this gentleman, I mean this with absolute respect, he’s having some crisises in his life. He is, he really, this is about the time he got diagnosed with a borderline personality dissociative disorder. It’s good. Cause then he can. It’s good. When you recognize the level himself. Uh, as I said, he bought, he became invest in investor in three wineries.

Uh, there, if anyone’s curious, they’re the Elise winery, institution, winery and addicts add a ex winery in February, 2018. Derate started his own podcast called the underwater sunshine podcast, which is a weekly music podcast with music journalist, James Campion. Um, so there they’ve been quiet for a long time.

They’re not working on a whole lot of new projects, but in 2019 fall 2019, he starts telling people that they had started writing new music that past August and in February 20. He’s like, Hey, you know what? We’re actually going to release a new project. It’s going to be these suites of music. That’ll be released across various EPS.

And so they start studio sessions in late February, early March, 2020, and then, but am pandemic. So they can’t tour. They can’t go to the studio. They have to take her to hiatus. Yeah. He takes a hay at his, from his podcast. So what do you think he does to fill his time? Video games, Twitch, Twitch streaming.

He begins hosting cooking videos on his Instagram stories. That’s pretty, that’s close enough. He would do like interviews. Like I said a duo live with chef Tyler Florence. And he said that the type of research that he would do either for his music or for the podcast turned into exploring more about food and cooking to share with others, which I think is cute.

He eventually resumed producing the underwater sunshine podcast in may of 2021, because, you know, at that point we’re all still looking for things to do, right. And out of all of this, I’m assuming this is why this new album is called. What it is, is his cooking journey because they ended up naming their EAP that came out in may 20, 21 butter miracle sweet one.

I have no nothing to back up. That’s why it’s called the butter miracle. But I’m going to believe. That’s why it’s probably a good assumption, Joanna. That’s my niece. And I know you listened to this and you are awesome. And you’re one of the joys of my life, but stop texting me. It’s okay. We’re almost done.

Um, so this, this, this EAP marked the end of a seven year hiatus for the band. Um, and they’ve already started teasing that a second, eight EAP butter miracle. Sweet to will. Be released sometime 20, 22. We believe who the hell knows the way the music industry is working. Um, but the two suites will come together to form a full album, the butter miracle, and, uh, that is counting crows.

They, their legacy is pretty much the people hate on them for no reason. And it’s not. Just because you were annoyed by them in 1993, doesn’t mean you need to shit on them now. Correct? Um, I heard someone on a podcast. I listened to describe their music as CVS core, and I hate that, but it’s very accurate.

That’s good though. You hear Mr. Jones and me while you’re waiting for your prescription? Yes. It’s not a bad thing. Um, yeah. Check out CA if you haven’t listen to counting crows, cause I feel like unless your parents were very into nineties music, You probably don’t know counting crows, if you’re our age, I hope you do.

I really hope you do. But then again, you know, we have friends who don’t know hopefully when Mac was, so I’m not going to assume if they don’t know Fleetwood Mac, what are the odds? I’m not going to assume anyone out there has heard anything. So checkout counting crows

Thank you for listening, you can leave us a review on apple podcasts, Spotify, and good pods. Special. Thanks to death of Fon for our intro riff, you can visit our website at, she will rock you.com there you find socials, show notes, contact us and our emerge. Other than that, don’t do drugs down to the drugs.

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