Episode 62: Friday I’m in Love (The Cure)

We got a little drunk and Bethanne told us all about The Cure, their many eras, and we convert the show into a drinking game!

Episode Transcription

If we were to make a drinking game out of this podcast, I’m already one drinking game right now for the listeners. What would be the things that they would have to drink at is what are the things they have to drink at? So like if someone was listening to our show and waiting for specific things like drank every time you hear the intro riff, Um, I think it would have to be the times I say anyway, anyway, I think it would also have to be the times that me and you both just start laughing hysterically.
Okay. And then probably the times where one, I screw up a word. That’s a good one. That’s a good one. What, what are your suggestions? Uh, anytime I say I’ll link it in the show notes and don’t. Cause I always said what you’ve been doing. I don’t know. I don’t keep track. I always mentioned stuff. And then I never link it in these episodes.
They do on the interviews. But like this episode won’t get put up for another month. I’m not going to remember what I said in there that I was going to link. I usually just throw some videos in there any time we. Put something in our outlet. It doesn’t make sense. Yes. Yes. Very much. So why don’t we put that?
Um, and any time I don’t have the Outro notes pulled up, we got out those last two. You all don’t hear it as much because those spots get edited out a lot of times, but trust me, they are there. They’re there. Maybe we’ll put a little ding when it happens, just so you know, take the time to drink. One of those two happened, take a drink.
And the words of my husband playing. Drink bitch drink bitch. Anyway,
I’m Leah. And this is she will rock you.
We brought out the hard liquor tonight. Y’all folks today is what, February 24th, 2022. You’re going to look back on this date and you’re going to be like, what the hell happened in the world? Well, just Google it, you should know by now because it’s probably unfortunately still going to be going on. But I do have to say, cause I feel like it’s the right thing to do.
Our hearts do go out to the people, Ukraine. I actually woke up at midnight yesterday and well today. Thanks to Roddy. And that was the first thing I saw my phone had just happened. Damn. And so like, you know, it, it is such. An insane situation. And my heart really, really goes out to the people. Hence why we’re also drinking.
Cause life just is so fucking hard. Cause there’s Ukraine, Texas there’s taxes, all kinds. We drink for many reasons on this podcast happening. So yeah, we pulled out some volatile. From Poland. Yes. It’s not Russian vodka vodka on today of all day. And some lemonade I grabbed from work. It’s from Panera. It’s bougie lemonade.
It’s a Gavi lemonade. It’s really good. So it’s healthier. I’m going to tell myself, and this is my second glass. So TBD on this and how this outline goes. These next two episodes, you’re going to get drunk, Leah and Bethann. I’m not going to lie. I have maybe like a quarter left in this like pint glass and I’m about to down it on three to chug, chug, chug, chug.
Okay. So, well, that’s going to hit in about five or 10 minutes halfway through your outline. You’re going to be like, wow. So yeah. But we did want to talk about Ukraine and our hearts are with all those people. And I made a segue off of that and I have no good segue other than, uh, leave us a review. We would appreciate it.
Yes. We’re going to keep bothering you sometimes. I forget to bother you. So this is me bothering you. You’ve not left us a review. No, you never forget to bother them. I think I know why, because you’re a good marketer. I thank you. Uh, we’re going to escape reality here for the next. Yeah, I don’t know, 40 minutes, however long this takes.
So what are we talking about today? Some pretentious motherfuckers from motherfuckers named the cure. Um, let me grab my online.
One more inch though. You will not hear this on the podcast cause I’ll have edited them out. Um, my mic is a little bit loose, so it’s having some, some moments right now. Anyway. All right, God dammit. You know, why did I write it this way? I said, it’s sad, boy. Time. It is sad, boy. It really is sad. Boy time.
This was supposed to be a happy slash sad slash comical outline. We’ll see if I get there. It’s sad boy, time, everyone. Grab your non waterproof eyeliner, your favorite VHS copy of any timbered fill and cuddle up next to the vinyl record. You are streaming this episode through via Bluetooth. We are talking about.
Now I’m going to be honest. I am not a die hard cure fan. And when Leah was talking about the pretentious motherfuckers, I don’t think it’s really the band made a little bit. It’s a little bit of the fans. I hate to say guys, I’m probably going to piss you off slightly because like I said, I’m not a diehard care fan, meaning I not in love the band, Bob certainly do not hate them.
I’m sure. I’m going to say something that’s going to piss you off. Cause I might, you know, throw in a joke for comedic flair as I do. Please don’t come at us like, you know, with the class, please, please. Don’t shoot. Please. Don’t chew me out. But. So if you’re going to be triggered by that, if you are a die hard cure fan, you already have your smudged red lipstick on with the black eyes and you thought this is my moment to turn off all the lights with one candle lighting the way.
Um, I just don’t recommend you stay for this episode. Just go find another podcast. I don’t hate them. They’re they’re fine. They’re there, but I’m probably just going to have some random jokes are gonna piss you off. Um, other than that, Uh, this episode is going to be also a little bit different because one, I’m not going to cover all the albums.
There’s a lot of albums with this band. You guys kind of know the drill and then there’s also a lot of like band changes. I’m really not going to talk a lot about them. It really isn’t. Um, so those are not going to be as much in there. And then. I lost my spot. I’m just laughing. Cause the body could just hit me all of a sudden.
There’s a moment where, you know, the vodka hit and you’re like, wow. It’s like everything zooms it’s watching. It’s like a cat’s eyes dilating. Anyway. And then on top of that, this band’s a little bit different because they kind of like shift genres in a very, kind of bigger way than I’ve found the other bands do.
So I’m going to be focusing a little bit more on those genre shifts rather than like the actual, like normal hotline format I follow. Um, but other than that, um, I do have to put some trigger warnings on this. Cause we’re going to talk a little bit about suicides, so just be aware. But other than that, let’s get into the shit.
I’m mainly going to talk about one member of this band, plus one other, um, in this band beginning segment, and that’s arguably the showrunner Robert Smith. So rod and type punk name. It’s not his fault. He could change. He grew up in England, changed it. He could have, but you know, it also is punk of him not to change it to something Robert Smith.
Was he going to change it to rocker Smith? No, that’s very anti punk of him. Anyway, uh, Robert Smith was born April 21st, 1951 in Blackpool, England. He came from a musical family. So him and his sister both took piano lessons at a young age. She ended up being a piano prodigy. Okay. And Robert said like, she could have been pretty big, but she was really shy, like more shy than him.
And he’s very sure. Very very shy in interviews. Um, so what does he do? Like every good brother, he picks up a guitar and said, because she couldn’t get her fingers around the neck and therefore would not be able to play it. Hey, what other bro? Like that’s a shear brother move. That is a brother move. So he first started by like his brother teaching him how to play.
Some cords, then he got some formal classical guitar lessons at age nine. He didn’t stick with it because his guitar, his guitar tutor said quote was horrified because it was bad. I don’t know, Wikipedia. What’s the word expound on it. Poor kid. He’s just like, dear God, these are sad. Chords that’ll hurt. Sad.
Sidebar, chords, your ego. However old. He is 10, 9, 9. Yeah. But as he got older, he would just listen to records, play by ear. Um, he also, when he was in school, he would like to push boundaries. Like I said, he really is, has a quiet, you know, I would argue shy disposition about him, but he’s also this dark creative type.
Right. But he also has this like normal side to him, which we’ll talk about more, but this really, this dark creator type, you know, it’s what, 1960s, he was growing up led to some like ridicule by classmates, but he was smarter than. Everyone in the room because he knew how to work the system. So he said he figured out ways to do the bare minimum in school to pass.
So he could do nothing for three years. I mean, I don’t blame him. Hey, work smarter, not harder. And then he went to a free thinking, quote, free thinking middle school. And he said, let’s test that. And more address one day. The kids at that school did not tolerate that. Um, he also was kicked out of a school once due to being a quote undesirable influence.
After one of his earlier bans caused a riot at the school. Good for them. Hey, I love a good high school riot. Um, one time my high school got into a riot over an iPod shuffle. So, you know, iPod nano color, sorry, just two thousands things. Yes. Yes. Um, anyway, the whole school had to go on lockdown. Uh, also he grew up Catholic and became an atheist.
Didn’t see that coming. I didn’t see that coming direct Catholic to atheism pipeline. Yes. But what I do love is at how a young age, you like challenge the system just to do it like that. That is pretty cool. That’s very punk of him. Um, I also have like nowhere to put this, but it must be said, so it’s going here.
So I’m going to jump forward when he marries his wife, her name’s Mary pool and they’re high school sweethearts. It’s really cute. You’re going to love this. You are going to love this. I got to throw this line out from Wiki because both of them decided not to have kids. Smith’s said he was against having children as he not.
Objects to having been born, but refused to life on another. I feel this same Robert saying, you know, on days like today I had two objectives. I didn’t ask for this. This dude was like a pioneer to the millennial generation before our time for our time. No wonder if you called them beta MCO anyway, drink, um, Alaska.
Let’s back up a little bit back to his primary school days, and we’re going to bring in another gentlemen, another bloke, if you will. That was the word old today, by the way, in case you’re wondering spoilers, there’s another founding member I want to throw into the mix. His name is Lawrence, Andrew toll horse, tall Hearst.
Sorry. He was born in Surrey, England on February 3rd, 1959. Which fun fact. The same day, buddy Holly died in the plane crash in a series of unfortunate events. He goes by the nickname, Lowell as an LOL.
Like, I just don’t know how he’s good at this far without millennials finding now we’re going to make this. No,
sorry. We found out the little text bubble. It just says, oh,
I agree. I’m telling you the whole time as you’re in research. Every time I had, I just heard lull anyway, in his book. Cured two imaginary boys. Yes. I read a book. Well, a preview on good reads. Um, I’m very proud of myself. Close enough. Close enough. Anyway. Well, I’m going to crack law says he and Robert were the first punks in Crawley, which is part of Surrey, England.
It’s like 20 miles. I think south of London. In his book, he says a Crawley was a jury place. A fact that was confirmed by a tick tock. I randomly saw my FYP right before doing this research like five minutes before I texted Leah, it was a site. I was very excited. Anyway, isn’t all of England, a dry place.
Well, this is the dreary as a jury, as a place to live anyway. All they had to look forward to. It sounded were like punk records and punk shows that make for way to Crawley. So growing up, they both, uh, saw bands like the clash and the Stranglers and like study their attitude and look, they said they were going to copy it.
Um, I also had to give a shout out because, um, It kind of makes sense that they form their sound. They also like loved Jimmy Hendrix. So they formed a bond over Jimmy Hendrix, whether it was first, he was big and David Bowie as well. That makes sense. So it kind of makes sense how they’re forming punk, the man, or addressed to school.
It makes sense. Like David Boone makes sense, but I have to demonstrate what this attitude looked like to no surprise. They were social outcasts and in Lola’s book, he says, He calls the kids around that town quote, Neanderthal, like that’s an insult right there. This book was so fun to read. I almost wanted to actually buy it, buy it.
Um, and said quote, when I was told an earring in my right ear was the equivalent of declaring to the world that I was gay, which I wasn’t. That was a thing that was a thing as time. Right. I thought about that randomly the other day. Cause I was like, I haven’t heard anyone mentioned that in like years, 10 years.
So he says, which I wasn’t, I had pierced it twice.
The time for being polite was over go of this man. I don’t love the love this. I love the beginning of this bay. It’s a little law. Uh, so as the. In this teenage wasteland of sorts, we’re amending the drinking game. Anytime we say, well, you got to drink, you got to drink, play, play along with us. You desolate souls.
So they first started a band called obelisk, which makes sense for that great band is a good band and they should have kept it should have. Um, and it featured Michael Mick Dempsey who will become important later. Then Robert broke off, joined a band called malice, also a pretty good band, their band name, um, that also featured Dempsey.
This was the band that was the site of the riot. Uh, then Smith told hers Dempsey.
My outline says fried poral Thompson. I’m sorry. That’s very funny to my boss herself. And then portal Thompson. We’ll go on to form a name called easy cure, which is based off the song that Lowe wrote, and that morphed into the cure. Their first show was at a pub. They frequented, which according to law was filled with burnout, hippies, skinheads, and then them that’s a crowd.
Yeah. Quite a crowd, but that’s the stage would lead them to play more shows, but eventually winning a talent competition and getting signed by a small German label. Um, but nothing was released in those days. So the contract has kind of ended, but it wasn’t too long until they recorded a demo. I landed in the hands of a record scout and they would get signed to fiction records, which I would stay with for a pretty long time.
So now I like to mention their careers take different turns or whatnot. So this is the beginning of the goth rock era. Their first album three imaginary boys was released in on May 8th, 1979. The band didn’t have like a say on the cover or a songs on the album. I mean, they’re punks that pretty pissed them off.
And Robert like would go on to have like creative control moving forward, which is going to cause some problems for the band moving forward as well. But the album did well critically, but it was kind of like a drop in the pan as far as for commercial. Um, they also would go to release the album later on in the U S under a different name slash cover.
And that album was called boys. Don’t cry. But it’s their next album where things really start gain, uh, beginning to roll. And that album is called 17 seconds and that is released April 22nd, 1980, like most up and coming artists of that time. They had unlimited budget to both record and limited time. So the whole album was done, like start to finish in seven days.
And it was $2,000. It resulted in 16 to 17 hour work. They also, um, as far as for pushing their times and resources, they have a track called the final sound and it actually had to be cut short because they ran out of tape, which is a weird problem. That’s funny, it’s funny. It’s a problem that we don’t have a, an understanding of anymore funny.
Um, but this album is a prototype for what would become goth rock, um, was she’s boys are spearheading, like when you look at golf, I would argue they are the founding fathers of it. Um, so here’s how they’re kind of creating that sound like we were saying they’re corporate, their punk influences slash attitudes, their love of David Bowie and getting that synth in there.
Along with Roberts deep and a boat of lyrics, an early example of this goth rock, where you kind of see it as their song, a forest, which was their first hit. It reached number 31 on the UK singles charts. Um, first off it sounds like it was recorded on Nintendo 64. Like dude, like, dude, I don’t mean to, I know it was quartered a while ago.
I know they only had 2000. It still sounds like a Nintendo 64. Why haven’t the remaster team come in and fixed it to sound like it was recorded on a game cube? I do not understand, but you know, can’t judge them that hard, but lyrically, it’s all about pin alert into a forest and never escaping philosophically speaking.
So it’s how tall, California and hotel California? Yes. Correct. Okay. It is. A less pleasant version of hotel, California. There’s scary shit in the forest. Yeah. There’s is like, you know that one random Russian Tech-Talk song that comes on and goes Burno. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Yes. Yeah. That’s what it kind of sounds like.
That’s what it reminded me of. Anyway. Then they had another album called faith. I’m going to kind of skip over it, but here’s a cliff note about the album from Wiki quote, the album saw the band continuing in the gloomy. That’s it you’re caught up. Okay, cool. I mean, it did chart number 14 UK, but there’s really, I don’t really have much to say about the album.
Um, but I did want to move on to a pinnacle album. It’s one of two, I would say. Um, so as the band is progressing into their career, their music really becomes more incumbency. So like the really getting into it and this. You know, that’s not an issue, but when you’re doing really emotional songs, it can take a toll on you, especially when like, you know, writing one or two emotional songs, you know, that’s very common practice, but all of your music is emotional for like, at this point, there’s an albums on it.
Hundreds of songs and probably written. Right, right. Cause there’s stuff that’s not even me. Yeah. So for example, there’s a song, um, it’s a non album release. It’s called Charlotte Sunday. And some after Robert would perform it, he would like be in tears at the end of it, because that persona, according to Wiki would just kind of take over him.
Um, so the band’s kind of just in a funk and, you know, uh, Shit. I shouldn’t have put that there, drink in. You guys can see what we do. Um, but w but like I said, I’m going to put my, I’m going to put a little bit of a hot, hot take hat on. That was very hard to say hot take alarm. Um, so like we were saying, emotional music is not a bad thing.
You got it, though. Exactly. You got to take time for yourself and decompress and that’s I’m even I had to learn and it’s just, music is such a powerful, powerful tool. And even science can like attest to it. Like it can really stir your mental state. So please make sure they’re taking time for yourself, making sure you’re okay.
Anyway, hot take hat off random science fact, cause this is a good time to insert it. I read a thing, a study that they did where there’s this phenomenon where if you’re in it with a group of people like that are doing a similar thing, your brain. Actually sync up and they really expected it to happen most like strongly with athletes, like team athletes, they didn’t even register on the scale they were using where it occurred.
The most was at live music concert because it leases dopamine. Yeah. And everyone was like on this, like literally on the same wavelength and everyone’s brainwaves sinked up and like, yeah. They can’t explain it. It almost creates like a highlight state. Yeah. It’s really crazy. It’s super freaking weird.
Yeah, it was really cool, but it is really cool. But imagine like putting that in an emotional state and being in that the entire time, so make sure you take time for yourself. It’s okay. To decompress. Yes because of this music, correct? Correct. Anyway, um, so this last album, it’s not the last album, but it’s the last album of their first goth rock era, which is, and I look this up, this is a thing it’s called the oppressively dispirited trio.
Like that is some British emotion. It’s not just like it’s, you know, it’s not simple down. Dumb American brain oppressively, dispirited trio. It’s fancy it’s proper goth, proper, proper goth. Anyway, I have to read this from their bio speaking, which from their own website. That’s where a Knight texts you.
These are some pretentious motherfuckers. That was the first thing I read. And this is not the band’s fault. I have to say, they hired someone to write. Then they hire someone to write it and they just get carried away to where it really feels he can pretentious to sense. Oh, you know, Robert wrote this himself though.
This is true. This is very true. Um, but I have to read this Whopper of a second. It says quote in 1982, the cure went back into the studio and their increasingly ugly fascination with despair and a K culminated in the unrelenting Sonic attack. Oh, the pornography album. Like, I feel like I just took an sat test.
That was so many words. It was too many big fucking, and I’m a little drunk right now. So we did not, I hope, I feel like I articulated that well, but like, I feel like I’m going to go back and it’s all going to be slurred many way. I understood it. Oh, that’s good. That’s a rarity. I can’t remember what you said.
Maybe I need to drink more. So anyway. In 2006, according to an explainer video, I watch from a YouTube channel called trash theory. Robert great YouTube. It’s a fantastic vape. Uh, Robert Smith said when we came to do pornography, I really thought that, okay, that is a funny sentence. I really thought that this was it for the group.
I wanted to make the ultimate fuck off record and the cure would stop. It really is funnier when you say it, isn’t it?
Um, basically this was his opportunity to get it all out. Yeah. I got to get to the trigger warning. I had to get to the point where I put the trigger warning and Leah thing, calm it down. I got to get serious for a second.
You know what? Fuck it. No trigger warning. I’m not going to talk about. Fuck it. We’re doing it live. Please listen to Ethan semi on 15 minutes, Marvel. Anyway, um, So he’s just got to get it up. He’s got to get it out or he doesn’t know he’s going to do, but yeah, this album was like his opportunity to pour everything in and then the band would just break up.
why is it so funny? Ben is also doing a lot of drugs at this time. Which, you know, never helps anything. And, um, also the band hates each other, mainly Robert Smith, because, and as he admitted, he was obnoxious and self-centered, then that’ll do it. I’ll do it.
So. How do you think a 1982 audience, it’s going to take an album named pornography? Great. Correct. The critics hate it. Um, but the audience really likes it and reaches number eight in the UK charts, which is pretty good. Um, but later on, like once people got the shock out of their system, this album would be acclaimed as one of the best center discography.
So it is good. It got reviewed better. Once people grew a pair. Um, it’s also worth noting that this is where we start seeing like the Robert Smith look as like, that’s the only way I can say it. Like the big teased hair, black eyes smudge red lipstick, but this would not be the climax. Oh my God. Their career.
Get it. Oh, okay. So I just finally started laughing from the last joke. So I’m just going to that one didn’t land as well.

So that’s the end of that first era of goth rock. And now we’re moving into a new music era of the Kim. So going back a little bit, the band is on the brink of collapse. Everybody’s doing drugs, everybody’s mad at each other. Um, there’s also like a bunch of member changes up to this point, but. I don’t really want to talk about it.
It’s a lot of just random. This person left. This person came back, this person left, but the one streamline his law law is there. He is hanging out with his best friend who he met at five years old. They have been friends for a long time. Um, but after this tour rumors start spreading, the cure is going to break up and even like Robert.
He was playing with another band. And when they asked him about it, he’s like, uh, I don’t know, like maybe we will, maybe we won’t, because he’s just not a fan of what they’re doing. Um, musically at that point. So at this moment, it’s just him and law, like all the other bandages, not there. And the record label.
Cause they’re the top seller on that record label, they start scrambling. They’re like we gotta do something. We gotta try something new. So they do Robert Smith writes pop, and he does this for one reason. And one reason only to get airplay in the U S. ’cause. I don’t know if you know this, the us has a music problem.
We are some basic ass bitches who only awake one type of song, like all has to sound the same. Anyway. Um, although right now I think number one is we don’t talk about Bruno, so that’s true. No, that is a bomb. We have tastes something. We have tastes. Um, uh, but so they go for that and their first stupid pop song, which is Robert’s words, not mine is let’s go to bed.
Um, it becomes a minor hit, so it does work and it becomes a minor hit in the U S Australia and New Zealand. The music video for this, according to law. There are some like silhouette shots of him dancing in the background. Like there’s a white sheet kind of there apparently he’s naked. And not that I was looking for obvious signs.
I just don’t know if that’s true because I see some, I see some folds and it’s not him. It’d be obvious if he was naked. Yeah. There would be some smooth, smooth spot. I’m just saying. And where are you expected to have smooth? And it’s not smooth, so I would argue that’s not true, but anyway, that’s just my opinion.
This is a new period for the band. They’re moving in a new direction, uh, logos from playing drums to keyboard. That is a new direction. I mean, for the eighties, that kind of is a drum kit. So, you know, it works. Um, they release a couple songs. This gets put into an album called Japanese whispers, and then they start getting some new members and things start looking out for this band.
Like it’s kind of a golden era for them. Things are starting to go, okay. So they released three albums in this pop era. Another trio, if you will. None oppressed spirited trio. Uh, these albums were the top, the head on the door and kiss me, kiss me, kiss me, um, both had on the door and kiss me, kiss me, kiss me, went, um, hand Orwin gold.
Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me, went platinum. Um, but while everyone has a cheery disposition, lawless. Drinking and it’s getting really bad. We’ll come back to that. So we’re now in 1989, Robert Smith is about to turn 30. Oh. And fears to start. I know I was writing this and I’m like me too. Um, so fears start a Bruin.
He is afraid like most people are in this special. That he has not accomplished anything. And for him, he is worried that he’s like great Magnum Opus will never be created and his career is going to start slumping. So back to goth rock, we go round to maybe try this again. The world is ready. Yeah. And you know, I know this is not the case.
But I, it almost seems like this is a musical Trojan horse sometimes. Like, what are they when golf rock then went pop to bring some pop people in and then went back to golf rock to suck them in like almost a Dolly Parton wouldn’t metal Fest to get some like gage tattooed, modern fuckers into country. I that’s how it feels they’re already there.
That’s how that is true. The gage tattooed motherfuckers already ride to Dolly. Um, but anyway, They go in the studio, they’re working on the second pinnacle album, this integration also a very proper word. Yeah. So during recording things are getting tense. The band is fighting again. Now they’re mad at Lall for drinking so much.
Uh, Smith is depressed. He relapsed on drugs and while, um, they record very intently in the studio outside of the studio, things are just not going well. And it comes to a point where Lola’s so drunk. He can barely play drums anymore. Um, the rest of the band threatens to leave unless Lall is just kicked out and after a screaming match at the mixing of the album, lull is fired from the band.
Robert Smith said, you know, he’s probably going to get married, get strained out and come back. He will not return for a very long time, but also with this album going back to with pornography, there’s a thread line where he says, this is the end of the band. It’s going to be their last go is going to be the last record.
Goodbye, goodbye. But he was wrong. They just keep going. They never stop. But now it’s in a very, very huge way. So 1989, the album is released. It plays number three in the UK. Number 12 in the us by 1992, assault 3 million. Um, there are also number 12 on the 500 greatest albums of all time, which I’m sure we’ll get to.
At some point, the album contains such hits as love, song, lullaby, pictures of you, but don’t worry, like every good punk kid at heart, Robert hates this. He hates it. And according to Robert quote, despite my best efforts, Actually becoming everything. I did not want to become a stadium rock band, but he’s not a butt rock band.
That’s true. Safe. So he’s fine. Which is funny. Cause the clash, remember how we talked about that punks hated stadium rock. That makes sense. Hated stadium rock, because it started pub rock then turned into punk rock. So this tour they’re on for this album, they’re selling out tons of tickets and Flint up 40,000 plus.
By the end of the tour, Robert is really fucking stressed because he never wanted to become this bank. Never. By this point, the damage is done. They are rocks. So we’re going to cover some flybys of the cure in the nineties. Um, so they release an album called wish in 1992, which I’m still has goth elements, I would say, but it’s definitely going more in an alternative direction.
Um, I would say the biggest hit from this is Friday. I’m in love. That’s like the one song I know by them. That’s a good song. You don’t know love song. You probably know love song. Probably know it. I just don’t three 11 covered it. You remember them? California Malibu. All right. Probably played in Hollister.
Anyway, um, this album will sell 1.2 million copies and the band from there, they go through their lineup changes. I can’t keep up with them. They serve releasing some greatest hits and then some soundtrack work in particular, the movie Crow, the Crow, I should say. And X-Files. South park also got ahold of Robert Smith and asked him to be a guest on the show and his character in the episode fights it’s mega Streisand is the name of it.
And it’s basically a Godzilla sized Barbara Stripe.
So there’s that incredible. Um, as far as for the two thousands. They kind of just follow that legacy artist route as I would call it. So maybe they drop it album, they drop a greatest hits collection. They play some shows repeat, um, although according to their website, they did a legendary quote, my space secret show at the Troubadour.
So there’s that? What did my space have to do with it? That’s literally what the website said. A legendary show. MySpace secret show at the Troubadour. Do you get your invite through my space? I need to know. I can remember. I remembered my sprays secret shows being a thing. I feel like you must’ve had it probably was on that billboard thing.
Follow the band on my space or be friends with them or whatever. God it’s been years, years, man, decades, even. You said 92. And I was like, oh, 20 years ago. And then I went, no, that’s 30 years ago. Yeah. Shut up. I got one more year. I got two more months to be in 29 God. Anyway, but three events. I want to close out our outline with we’re going to start with one in 2011.
So the band is in Australia. They’re playing a 30 year release of their album, faith. LOL comes back. Ooh. And play some shows with them. Big moment for fans, but he’s not like backpack. He does say for like, I feel like seven shows. And then in 2013, God, 2013, the band was playing in Mexico happened to be Robert’s birthday.
So what do they do to celebrate. They play 50 song 257 minutes set down is four and a half hours of music. They got their money’s worth. You do tickets to that show. I’m going to be honest. I want to ask you a serious question. Would you listen to the stretch, play for an hour? Now, my brain is to add for that.
I would be there for all four. I would’ve been there for seven hours early for a four hour shop. There’s the stark difference between media because. It’s like once we get to the 90 minute mark, I’m like, all right, that’s good. That’s it’s just, I can’t, I love music. Don’t get me wrong, but I need like a different band to come on the set.
Um, That’s not all because while they were performing an eight, I’m sorry, and a 5.9 magnitude earthquake, jeez hits a concert. So even God was like, shut the fuck outta here. Love. So one more goddamn time. They had so many songs to choose from. And then third in 2019, the band is inducted into the rock. Uh, rock and roll hall of fame, where Trent Reznor, Desi like inductee, beginning speech of that after they heard ducted, you may have seen this video.
I may have to pull it off for you after this. Uh, but they go into the media pit and there’s this. Where this very upbeat high energy reporter comes up to Robert Smith is like, are you excited like that? And Robert Smith kind of rolls his eyes and he goes probably not as much as you, but I think there are two lessons that we can take away from the care.
First off, I believe they single handedly were responsible for those goth GENCO style jeans or they sold veins. You know, the black ones, neon chains, the pant legs over your shoe. I think they’re falling responsible for it, even though none of them wore it, but I’m going to pull my resources together and I’ll come back to you.
Uh, so that’s one number two. I noticed this pole line that I can’t help, but talk about what this band, because Robert writes a lot of like nihilistic, like subjects and it, his mindset, like during this, especially the golf rock era that he’s in, um, he always believes at CNN’s, but it just never comes to pass.
And like, there’s just two times he keeps saying, this is the end of the band. This is the end. And it just keeps going decades later. I think there’s a life lesson in here. You just gotta keep going. Surprise, shorty. You surprise shorty. It’s never really over until it’s. Anyway, that’s secure. That’s secure.
Thanks for listening. You can leave us a review on apple podcasts, Spotify, or good plots. Special. Thanks to death upon bond intro, you can visit our website at . There you’ll find her socials show notes, contact us, and you can buy our Birch. And remember don’t do drugs, the drugs.

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