Meet the Founder: Lou Rochdi, Gen Admission

Meet Lou, a 21 year old powerhouse who saw a need in the music industry: to make information more accessible to those getting their start. So, she started Gen Admission to counter this issue. We talk about gatekeeping in the industry, the business side of music and she teaches us what sync placements are!

About Gen Admission

Gen Admission (originally: Coda Collectiv) was founded in February 2021 by a diverse group of women across the globe with the goal to educate and inform aspiring music industry professionals about the different jobs and opportunities that the industry has to offer. 

As aspiring industry professionals ourselves, we wanted to create something by aspiring music industry professionals for aspiring music professionals. While navigating and learning about the industry, we noticed a lack of essential information and a need for providing the fundamentals to get started. Therefore, we decided to create a solution. We work with industry professionals to gather and organize information to become a reliable source and ensure credibility.

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