Meet the Artist: Ava Cherry

Meet Ava Cherry. She toured and collaborated with David Bowie, met a Beatle (or two), toured with Luther Vandross AND has her own solo career. In what is perhaps the most delightful interview we’ve ever had, we dive into her new book All That Glitters: The Ava Cherry Story and learn what it means to be a free sprit. 

About Ava Cherry

Ava Cherry is a singer, producer and fashion icon. Her personal and professional collaboration
with international superstar David Bowie in the 1970s fostered a strong soul influence on
Bowie’s hit album Young Americans. She was also instrumental in the evolution of the
proto-New Wave band The Astronettes. Cherry’s formative years on the Chicago black music
scene shaped her soul music sensibilities that would later influence the work of numerous artists following in her footsteps. Cherry was later a backup singer for Luther Vandross and eventually struck out on her own to launch a solo career, working with the greats of the industry. Having worked with Curtis Mayfield on her own debut music such as ‘You Never Loved Me’, and ‘Love is Good News’ , she proved that she has true talent and staying power in the industry. She is currently enjoying a resurgence on the international music scene.

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