Guest Appearance: Pop Culture Yearbook, Taylor Swift’s folklore

Leah joined the guys over at Pop Culture Yearbook to talk about one of the most defining moments of 2020- Taylor Swift’s surprise release of folklore.

Episode Description

We’re kicking off 2020 with another supersized episode. 2020 was the year of the pandemic, but there were many good things that came out of it. Without the shutdowns, we may never have been blessed with Taylor Swift’s Folklore album. So for our first episode of the month, we focus on all things Taylor Swift, with an emphasis on Folklore.

While Brad is a big fan, Pete and Giff are novices, so we recruited some reinforcements. We have Leah from the awesome She Will Rock You podcast. She is a Swiftie from all the way back and her knowledge makes this a can’t miss episode! So whatever you have going on, Shake it Off and listen to us Speak Now about the great Taylor Swift.

About Pop Culture Yearbook

Pete and Brad are lifelong friends. Hailing from Minnesota, their lives have been enveloped by pop culture from the 1980’s to the present. Pete and Brad grew up together in a small rural Minnesota town and they have been consuming movies, television, music, books, sports, and more ever since. In middle school, they added Giff to their inner circle. Mirroring real life, Giff wasn’t a full-time host of PCY from the beginning, but he did make it after all! In every episode, this threesome focuses on one year between 1980-2020. One host chooses a piece of pop culture to revisit from that year that was important to him in some way. In the episode, they break down these movies, albums, shows, and more with varying opinions and stories. This journey through the years may be mindless fun, but it is also sure to bring back memories of your own!

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