Meet the Artist: Kitty Coen

Meet Kitty Coen. She’s kaleidoscopic and hopelessly romantic, has a disco cowgirl aesthetic and makes songs that will give you that cathartic release you’ve been looking for. We talk about life in Nashville, how women have more pressure in the industry than men, what’s next for her and more!

About Kitty Coen

Kitty Coen is a singer-songwriter based in Nashville, TN. Kaleidoscopic and hopelessly romantic, Coen’s voice pulses through the listener and lingers with a haunting essence thereafter. Paired with booming bass guitar, energetic electric guitar, funky synth, and infectious drum patterns, Kitty Coen brings a fresh and fierce sound to the forefront of indie rock. Stepping out on the scene with her first release of the acoustic cover “Valerie” by the late Amy Winehouse, Coen shows her audience a rooted commitment to the classics, while maintaining a neo-psychedelic western blues sound unlike any other, with a disco fever and a twang to her tone. Kitty Coen’s debut single “Dark Soul” is out now, along with follow-up single, “Lost in California.”

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