Meet the Artist: Kate Cosentino

Meet Kate Cosentino. When she was little, she wanted to be Eddie Van Halen and now she’s grown up and writing intellectual bangers. She’s also an entrepreneur and very passionate about pasta. Don’t miss this one!

About Kate Cosentino

Kate Cosentino is a woman of subtle nuances and a plethora of dad jokes. She encompasses wit and sass while balancing the profound ability to speak on behalf of the struggles of others for the mere proposition of opening up conversation. Born and raised in Kansas City, Cosentino has always had an affinity for strong storytellers and jazzy hooks since the beginning. Influenced by powerhouse women like Regina Spektor, Norah Jones, Phoebe Bridgers, St. Vincent, and many more, Cosentino has found that the best voices are authentic ones. 

Through songs like “Dirt On It” which deals with the struggles of a trans-child, “Starving For Love,” an unassuming ode to the damaging effects of eating disorders, and “Just Remember” which details a loved one’s journey with Alzheimer’s, Cosentino’s art is undoubtedly cultivated by a deep desire to share stories and share them well. 
Refusing to shy away from tough subject matter, Cosentino also refuses to abide by all-too-elusive genre pigeon-holing. In this way, her sound is something of genre-bending soulful bliss. With one foot in the pop shallow end and the other in the jazz deep end, Cosentino is only worried about one musical detail: shredding. 

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