Meet the Artist: Alicia Blue

Meet Alicia Blue, a writer of “sad songs with silver linings”. She recently released her first EP “Inner Child Work Part I”, and we sat down to get to know her, learn about her songwriting process, talk about our astrological signs and more!

About Alicia Blue

It’s difficult to pin down exact musical influences on Alicia Blue’s Inner Child Work—and that’s exactly how the California singer-songwriter likes it. Although her folk roots are never far from the surface, the album encompasses dreamy indie-rock (“Dog Days in L.A.”), delicate pop meditations (“Saline Waters”), ’90s alternative rock (“Dirty Hippie”), and even Tori Amos-esque introspection (“Fine”). 

Growing up in Los Angeles, Blue took solace in words, turning to poetry and reading during hard times. Writing is my favorite thing to do on this earth,” she says, noting her particular admiration for authors like Jack Kerouac and Joan Didion, as well as songwriter/poets like Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen. 

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