Meet the Artist: ZouZou Mansour, Soraia

Meet ZouZou, front woman of the powerhouse that is Soraia- gritty, raw, passionate and heartfelt. We sat down to talk about the band’s new single “I Seek Fire” (out today!), their upcoming album Bloom and much much more! 

About Soraia

As a spiritual descendent of iconic women in rock such as Patti Smith and Joan Jett, ZouZou’s Philadelphia-based band also embodies elements of kindred spirits of the ’90s and beyond – like PJ Harvey and The Kills, with more than a sprinkling of ’60s Garage Rock and Soul. Their primal sonic attack spreads a message of perseverance through trials of love, loss and letting go.

Bassist Travis Smith continues to be a crucial root of the Soraia tree, co-writing most of Soraia’s songs.

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