500 Greatest Albums

500 Greatest Albums: Volume 4

We are joined by our friend Ethan Simmie (15 Minutes of Marvel) to talk about another 3 of the Greatest Albums of all time!! This time, Leah tells us about the heartbreak and wanderlust that inspired Joni Mitchell’s Blue (#3), Bethanne tells us about the chaos that is The Clash’s London Calling (#16) and Ethan wraps…

500 Greatest Albums: Volume 3

We are joined by our friends from Three Films and a Podcast for what is possibly our most jam-packed episode ever, as we work through another 5 of the Greatest Albums of all time!

500 Greatest Albums: Volume 2

We’re joined by our good friend Thomas Carter Rochester for the next installment in our 500 Greatest Albums series!

500 Greatest Albums: Volume 1

We’re testing out a new show format, and we have special guest David Leisten from the Verse Chorus Verse podcast to help us out!

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The goal of She Will Rock You has always been to educate our listeners. Whether that is about a classic rock artist or a new and emerging artist. We want to help promote new rock artists, especially those who are women or minorities. Rock and roll is not dead, and we aim to do everything that we can to spread the love.

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