Meet the Artist: Kayla Thompson

Meet Kayla Thompson, a songwriter who focuses on vulnerability and truth. We talk about her recent single The Remains, her songwriting process, her big plans for the very near future and more!More

Concert Adventures: Kelsy Karter

It’s concert season and we’re bringing you even more recaps! Leah went to see Kelsy Karter on the Pink Kink and Punk Tour, and let’s just say, it was worth the wait. More

Meet the Artist: Danyell Souza, Dead Posey

Meet Danyell Souza, one half of LA-based rock duo Dead Posey who are bringing fuzz-guitar infused rock-and-roll and edgy yet timeless-sounding vocals that pack an anti-establishment punch to the masses. More

Meet the Artist: Kitty Coen

Meet Kitty Coen. She’s kaleidoscopic and hopelessly romantic, has a disco cowgirl aesthetic and makes songs that will give you that cathartic release you’ve been looking for. More