Episode 82: Love Abides (Linda Rondstadt)

This week, Bethanne tells the story of Linda Rondstadt, a woman who has achieved success many times over and who has lived many lives. Whether she’s performing country tunes or Mariachi music, she makes sure to always live life to the fullest. We cover her career from humble beginnings up to present day.  More

Episode 81: Let’s Go Girls (Shania Twain)

This week, Leah tells the story of everyone’s Canadian Country Queen- Shania Twain. We talk about her beginnings singing country music in bars to her absolute domination of the charts in the 90s. But, where did she go? And what is she up to now? You’ll just have to listen to find out! More

Episode 76: Duality (Slipknot)

Well folks, it finally happened. Bethanne tricked Leah into learning about Slipknot. She walks us through the band’s beginnings, covers some of the weirdest stuff we’ve ever talked about on this show, and answers the burning question: Is Slipknot… good?More

500 Greatest Albums: Volume 4

We are joined by our friend Ethan Simmie (15 Minutes of Marvel) to talk about another 3 of the Greatest Albums of all time!! This time, Leah tells us about the heartbreak and wanderlust that inspired Joni Mitchell’s Blue (#3), Bethanne tells us about the chaos that is The Clash’s London Calling (#16) and Ethan wraps…More