Meet the Artists

Meet the Artist: LUNA AURA

Following up her 2020 release THREE CHEERS FOR THE AMERICAN BEAUTY, LUNA AURA is here to take the world by storm, and we were able to sit down and chat with her about the future of her music, changing the music scene, her influences and more!More

Meet the Artist: Justine Jones, Employed to Serve

We chatted with front woman Justine Jones about Employed to Serve’s foundations, the current state of the UK Metal scene, their new album “Conquering” and more!  About Employed to Serve For the past decade, Justine Jones and Sammy Urwin of Employed To Serve have helped elevate British rock and metal both on and off the…More

Meet the Artist: Patricia Bahia

Continuing with our Meet the Artist series, we chatted with LA-based, multi talented, inspiring and all around amazing person, Patricia Bahia.More

Meet the Artist: Mia Morris

At just 17, Mia Morris is a talented multi-instrumentalist, has over 40 songs released, countless YouTube videos AND write and produces all her own music. More


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The goal of She Will Rock You has always been to educate our listeners. Whether that is about a classic rock artist or a new and emerging artist. We want to help promote new rock artists, especially those who are women or minorities. Rock and roll is not dead, and we aim to do everything that we can to spread the love.

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