Meet the Artist: Tara Lynch

In this bonus episode we had the chance to talk to Tara Lynch (nickname: “Gui-Tara”) about her history, epic guitar collection and more! She’s the next artist in our Blue Ridge Rock Fest artist series, and we can’t wait to see her shred on stage in September!

Tara and part of her impressive guitar collection

About Tara Lynch

Tara Lynch has succeeded in recording an outstanding rock album in Evil Enough, which – despite the renowned guest contributions – focuses mainly on her expressive voice, her intelligent, elegant guitar style and her mature songwriting. Says Tara: “I prefer to think of the guitar as a form of art and not just a tool to create music with, which is why there are four instrumental tracks on Evil Enough. My musical taste varies widely, and though I’m a huge fan of the instrumental guitar genre, my favourite bands have a vocalist and a guitarist that really takes advantage of melodies and not just pure shred.”

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