Guest Appearance: Three Films and a Podcast (Steel Magnolias)

We got to talk about one of the greatest stories of friendship of all time: Steel Magnolias!

Episode Description

Everybody drink your juice, it’s time to talk about the 1989 classic, ‘Steel Magnolias’. Offering one of the greatest casts of all time, we break down our breakdowns we had while watching this.

We are so lucky to be joined by Leah & Bethanne, the creators of one of our favorite podcasts, “She Will Rock You”, for our final entry in the Multiple Female Leads round! We each hand out our Apollonia Award for best supporting character, pick double features that are guaranteed to keep you crying, and give our elevator pitches for other first time watchers.

So get get into your bunny suit, hop on the back of the nearest motorcycle and join us, because it’s time to talk about what makes ‘Steel Magnolias’ such a timeless classic and build our “Steel Magnolias Rushmore Mountains”.

About Three Films and a Podcast

Welcome to “Three Films and a Podcast“, a show where three friends work their way through unseen movies in a unique, rotating format. The story behind the podcast is we got tired of rewatching the same things over and over, so we decided to challenge each other to push our movie watching horizons further than we ever had.

Join Tyler Beck, Matt Weiler and Ben Lawhorn as we discuss three movies that are tied together through a special qualifier in each round.

You can reach out to us at or any social media platform @threefilmspod.

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