Meet the Artist: Elisa Nicolas

Meet Elisa Nicolas, a multi-talented singer, songwriter and producer. Reminiscent of songwriting icons like Joni Mitchell, Fiona Apple, and Aimee Mann, there is something magically profound about Nicolas’ ability to intelligently capture every ounce of emotion in her masterfully crafted lyricism. We chat about everything from record collecting to her new album Year of the Locust and everything in between!

About Elisa Nicolas

Elisa Nicolas is a Canadian-born, Ohio-based Asian-American songwriter. Nicolas has been observing, experimenting, and translating the human experience into song for almost three decades. Respected as a multi-instrumentalist, solo artist, singer and songwriter, Nicolas has been writing and recording across numerous styles including rock, jazz, country, pop, and R&B. Nicolas has been described as having a “wryly eloquent self-awareness” – 614 Magazine. 

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